What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

wait that is supposed to be Laura!? I knew it look like someone:)

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Do XCUB’s land with the front wheels first? I wouldn’t think they would land on the small tail wheel.


I’m airliner and military but we’ve only really got the F-22 F-16 A-10 and all the C-130s

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If you don’t like GA then that’s fine, nobody’s forcing you to fly GA. Just remember that your feelings aren’t representative of the whole community, there are actually quite a lot of folks who don’t exclusively fly commercial. You’ll never find me flying the A350 when it comes out because it’s just not my thing, I’m more into fast jets.

As for the XCub, it’s unlikely that I’ll fly this on a regular basis but I might put it to use once in a while if I need to access a remote location.

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I never said I didn’t like GA I will fly it but to be honest it will be for like 10 minutes after it comes out and for the majority of the people in this community it’s going to be the same deal. Scenario- TBM came out first week everyone loved and was flying it but then I kinda just died out really. And I think the same will happen and all off the IF teams work has sort of been wasted a bit which is a shame because they work hard.


Personally I’ve very excited to see a lucky GA Aircraft like this added, a bit sad that we are not getting bush tires, but I made a request though.


Have the devs done more work on the Xcub or the A350

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Didn’t even know the “XCub” was a thing until today. Nice job FDS lol


Here are my thoughts:
I have always preferred airliners over GA and Military since I want to be an airline pilot. When the TBM and A-10 were teased I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super thrilled. However, if I have learned anything it is to at least give these aircraft a chance. I gave the TBM a chance and now it is one of my favorite aircraft to fly. Same thing with the A-10. Although I’m not the best pilot with the A-10, it’s still really fun to fly. What I’m trying to say is don’t go hating on a plane if you haven’t even tried it yet. Give it a chance, have some fun with it and who knows, it could become your new favorite aircraft. And if you don’t like it? Well then you know. At least you gave it a shot.

Now about the XCub. Again like I said above, I’m not super excited about this aircraft as I do prefer jets and airliners over GA. But, I am still more than willing to give this aircraft a chance when it comes out and who knows, I might completely change my mind and love this aircraft


My Question is that why is Laura flying at that altitude with the door wide open? 🤔

I was hoping for the Carbon Cub to some day come into IF but this is definitely better!!! Looks Sick!!!


I think this opinion pretty much hits what most of the community overall feels. Basically, we dont necessarily hate the fact that the aircraft is added, we just feel like the priority of other aircraft should come first.

I’m not talking about the a350 either. There’s a lot of request threads for re-works of other aircraft, private jets, and other aircraft that would be flown frequently. When 90% of the flights (its probably higher than that) are with commercial aircraft and jets, why not continue to support that community?


Have you ever thought that the majority fly commercial because there is 43 commercial aircraft to choose from and only 5 GA aircraft? You can only fly those 5 aircraft so many times before you need to dabble in commercial for some variety, one of which (Super D) is a legacy aircraft.


working cockpit and a greaser =IFA320 loves it

Patterns and low flares are really fun so I do.

Would be interesting to see research done on what drives the community to fly and get some really vast numbers for such. I obviously am a part of several communities that have the opinion the the Cub wouldnt be on their top 10 list to add to IF in the upcoming year (being commercially driven VA’s).

And if there were more GA aircraft, maybe there would be more interest to fly GA. Maybe. But I also see the community and how strong opinions are for commercial, jets, and aircraft of that variety than I see any support for GA.

So if there was a vast support for GA, I think you’d see more support for it both in request threads, and in the postings that IF has made on social media.

Basically 95% of the reaction to this being an aircraft coming soon is … What? Why?

I love this new aircraft and that is also because I notice it can land on water and we don’t have a water aircraft in IF yet. It will be very interesting to island hop in it.

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43 GA aircraft to choose from and 5 commercial… now picture what the skies would look like.


Look at the real life photos and you will see a seaplane :D

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Empty in my opinion, because we’d have gone to another app or sim that allowed us to fly the aircraft that drives us to be a part of a sim community.

Adding to this. I in no way think its a bad aircraft to add, I’ll hop in it, maybe for a short time, maybe I’ll fall in love and fly it instead of the TBM. I just think this aircraft announcement is disconnected with the IFC community overall


My primary reaction to the XCub announcement is that it reinforces that there is a communication / feedback loop breakdown between the company and the user base (at least formally on IFC).

The company created the IFC as a way to engage the user base (to drive customer stickiness and generate feedback among other objectives). The IFC has very clearly articulated their preferences via the “Feature Request” process that the company created, and that preference is for new airliners (The top GA request is the Beechcraft King Air 350 i with 195 votes, while 12 airliners have more votes than that).

Today we learned that the development pipeline is driven by very different factors, which has led to the XCub being developed before the #1 most requested feature. This can mean a few things:

  1. The IFC is not reflective of the actual user base and their preferences (in which case improving the IFC should be a very high priority)
  2. The company wants to move away from its core customers that use airliners (many of us that are users because of our love of airliners should take note of this going forward)
  3. There are unknown tech barriers that require the XCub to be developed before other aircraft (seems like this would be easy to communicate)
  4. The company does not care about the clearly expressed preferences of its users (this is a particularly daunting problem for a consumer application)

None of those scenarios are particularly appealing as a customer, and if the situation is left unaddressed I would not be surprised if a large portion of the existing customer base churns as these issues persist. I would likely be among them.