What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

No, I hope I could be a BETA tester, I love exploring the world. My two most favourite things are transport and architecture. I was with Mishacamp today. That is how I saw the XCub.

  1. Planes
  2. Trains
  3. Cars
  4. Boats

When I visit a new house, I have to have a peek round the corner, or even an apartment. I love it all.

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We all (around 20) of us tried landing the XCub. Trust me it’s difficult. Even with virtually no wind you get pushed around whilst taking off. Blame Laura for that the rudder physics are slightly left 😂. Along with the torque from the engine.

What are your thoughts on the XCub?

I was lucky enough to fly this in action (no flying in vid) but here is a quick look at what to expect when the XCub comes out. I don’t know if they will update IF separately, but don’t expect the A350 until after summer.


What is XCUB

The thing above…

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What two planes are those? They look different.


The XCub will come with two different cockpits like in real life. The steam gauges cockpit will be available for Pro and non pro users as the glass cockpit will be only available for Pro subscribers.

Glass cockpit = top photo displayed
Steam gauge = bottom photo displayed

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Oh wow. That is so amazing!


They are both the XCub, with the 2 different interiors.

There was only 1 steam gauge 😂

Yeah Ik I used an S by accident. Thanks for pointing it out. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

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I didn’t realise that mistake either, just saying it in general. Have you tried the XCub then?

*Will happily answer any question in my range about the XCub.

Why does the steam gage one look more desirable for me to fly 😱


I agree. I will most likely fly the steam gauge rather than the glass cockpit.


Had a fly with it today- lovely aircraft! Just hope it runs on my old iPad mini 2 haha


Are you a Beta tester?

Why are my messages getting flagged? This is why the IFC need to remove this feature. Just saying how I was flying the super declathon. This needs to be fixed.

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Nope! Misha or Cam had an iPad with the beta version of I.F which they got to try!

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How are y’all flying it yet? Beta testing?