What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

Pleasing the community or doing the 737-500? You’re probably right on both though ;)


Oooooooooh! Sick burn bro! But hope the X Cub comes out soon

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100% agree

Will be a blast to fly on little hops with friends. Maybe not so in the ATC sector as they’re usually bigger airports but i think it’ll my go to for smaller airport flights

I personally cannot wait for it. I know a lot of people are into airliners but there’s still the silent few that are into the GA aircraft. The airliner community has received a lot in recent times with the MD11, DC10, CRJ, and soon the A350, plus soft reworks to the A320, 737, A330, etc. meanwhile the GA community has only been given the TBM (which is a really fun aircraft to fly), so the fact that we are getting another GA aircraft with up to date technology such as live instruments I think is pretty exciting. Catch me in the Canadian Rockies enjoying the scenery!


It’s coming soon everyone! More information continued on the above topic.

My thoughts:
I am certainly happy to have a new release of the XCUB soon. I am currently interested about the new working glass gauges.

Great work anyways. That must have taken lots of work and research.

Looking Forward! 👍


That’s my favorite

I wish they would have done this to the 172, but the dethacon did need to go. But I think it would fit the 172 better than a cub. But the plane itself looks great!

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It has an interactive and live cockpit!

Can we clarify…It does not have an interactive cockpit!

It’s just a working cockpit!

To control the buttons you will still be using the 2D UI we have!


Oh. I let my hopes up again!

Im pretty sure they tried it!..But it was to fiddly and hard to use… I’m 100% sure you will prefer this method!

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Well. That’s a first.

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The 172 needs steam gauges. Most of them have that and it’s what most pilots would understand.

Guys, you’re getting off topic. If you’d like to see a 172 rework, by all means go vote for it, but this topic is What are your opinions on the XCUB?  not Why should we rework the 172?

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Yep. I’m a 172 geek so it just draws my attention right away.

Or they could just do both like with this.

Make it an option while selecting. Newer or analog.

Back to talking about the cub.

facepalm read back in the chat a ways.

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