What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

I appreciate the insightful post and I understand your reasoning as well. Diversity is key

Apologies, sir. It was a busy day and I didn’t mean to cherry pick your post. You’re absolutely right on your other point. This aircraft (to my knowledge) wasn’t requested. It’s a replacement for the Super Decathlon. We said this in our official announcement but I understand there’s a lot of info out there and it’s easy to miss.

In regards to my other statement, you can read through the rest of this topic for more from Tyler and I. Not every airplane will be based on user feedback. Most of them will, but not all.



For an aircraft with a starting price of 330,000, you’d think they could afford at least a normal gauge 😁

As I also said that’s your choice and that’s perfectly fine. I’m glad we can put this to bed. Enjoy your day.


I think, even if the Super Decathlon is removed, increasing winds on the Xcub would still make the controls look like a helicopter. I am actually not sure. 🤣


Well here goes:

I understand that not every rework/new aircraft will be based on user feedback.
However, this site has over 71,000 users, and many of whom are paying money to fly. The community should be serving as an area for the staff to view outlook on their game, and as an area for people to express their opinions.
I’m sure that many people will be happy about the addition of the XCub, but I’m not so sure how many will fly it.
Yes, it may replace the decathlon, but that doesn’t mean it will become a widely used aircraft. It will probably end up being used by a select few people, and not as often as many of the commercial aircraft.

As I mention above,

Even if the devs don’t want to expand/update their commercial fleet, there are many ways to expand the GA sector of IF.

The C172, one of the most common GA aircraft in the world, is incredibly out of date.
Similarly, the SR22 and CCX are very out of date. The C208 is soon the become one of that list as well.

Out of the top 10 features requests (by vote), 7 are directly related to commercial aircraft, and none of them have anything to do with GA.
However, I understand that many people on the IFC love to fly GA, and that there are many types of customers to satisfy. So, I found the most voted for GA topic. Drumroll please…
With 195 votes, the Beechcraft King Air
Found here

Scrolling down even more:
The next GA aircraft request, with 98 votes, is the PC12. However, I don’t think this will be added due to the recently added TBM.

Even lower, the Cirrus SF50 “Vision Jet”, with only 56 votes.

The thing is, there may be a lot of GA support, but it is nothing compared to the support for commercial.

Lets find another example: The A-10!
I mean, it is clear FDS spent a great amount of time updating the A-10. Despite this, I barely see anybody flying it. It has live instruments, and great physics, but is never used.

Although I’m sure the XCub will be used more than the A-10, I’m not so sure it should be added so soon after the release of the TBM.
Perhaps instead the addition of a longer ranger corporate jet. Being versatile aircraft, I’m sure people from both commercial and GA affiliation will use it much more often then an aircraft such as the XCub.

Yes, I understand that many people are greatly in favor of the XCub, however, you as game developers have a great resource at your disposal - a community full of people who share their opinions, and there should be a lot more paying attention to user feedback.


I will respectfully disagree with most of what you’ve said but thank you for your thoughts. We use the forum a lot, as our users are extremely valuable to us. Just not for every decision. We can’t please everyone, all the time. There are sooo many factors that go into these choices (some of which is the amount of research and data required for some aircraft).

I’d replace “never” with “rarely” but otherwise I agree. We had an enormous amount of data for this aircraft (I will not name the source), so using it as a springboard for our live instruments made a lot of sense. It was a path of least resistance for work that was needed to move forward. We’re reusing technology from that aircraft build. Further, the existing model was really bad. It was a win-win for us.

I encourage everyone to ask questions before jumping to too many conclusions with how we make development choices. We’d love to help by answering those before strong opinions are formed based on a lack of your favourite aircraft in the sim!



I’m definitely glad they are replacing that God-awful Decathon. The XCUB looks like it will be advanced in terms of details and physics, which I can appreciate as well.

Is the Xcub hard to fly,
the only reason I don’t fly the a-10 because its so hard to fly.

In my opinion, I think the Decathlon is a Bush plane that is like an old version of XCub.

This is an opinion

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I see your point. However, it seems you cherrypicked the A-10 out of my response. Yes, I didn’t know how it was developed, and I am sorry. However, the rest of your message does not make much sense to me

I’m not so sure what my favorite aircraft being in the sim has anything to do with this. In fact, IF has my top 3 aircraft. I’m just pointing out my opinion, which is that I don’t agree with the addition of the XCub. I’m not bashing FDS, and I appreciate the work put in to every aircraft. I just feel that the priorities of FDS are a little bit mixed up.

Of course, I can’t change that, and have no expectation that anything will change. I understand that there are many factors that go into developing an aircraft.
That will not stop me from providing my opinion. I don’t expect FDS to change as a result of me, but the point of this thread is to provide your thoughts and opinions, and I provided mine.

Maybe I should add you to our slack team so you can fully understand our priorities 😝

In all seriousness, I love that you’ve given your opinions. Thanks for being a customer! Our priority is to have the best mobile flight simulator in existence. We’ll do our best :)


I would like that :)

Count me in 😂


Will the XCub have autopilot

Indeed it will!

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YAY! I cannot wait for this. I made a topic about keeping the Decathlon but, I really don’t care anymore


lol way to commit 😆


The cub being super light, will there be anything implemented in the game to keep them on the ground at gusty airports, maybe a tie-down feature? I know the Decathlon had some trouble with windy airports and trying to taxi it in my experience.


Not in this version but it’s a cool idea :)