What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

Though I appreciate the feedback and encouragement, I feel the why was explained and politely disagree. Prior to the post we made this week, there was no public knowledge of the Cub in development. In that post we clearly stated it would be replacing the Decathlon.

If you follow the pattern of reworks, from the B787, A10 and on, coupled with many statements of intent to rework our fleet to a similar standard, it seems the why would be rather obvious here.

We’ll continue to remain transparent and keep the community informed as news becomes available! 🙂


Please keep the Super D =(


What Tyler said is bang on. Everyone is free to either love or hate the xCub. Not every plane is going to please everyone. And our reasoning is clear (replace the Super D). However in addition to that, I’ll add that there are always business moves in the background (partnerships with content creators, investments into the aviation community, marketing opportunities, etc) that we simply cannot and will not discuss with our customers ahead of time. For one thing, they may not pan out. But also, sometimes we just can’t talk about business moves for confidentiality reasons. It’s as simple as that. :)

So I agree - nice feedback and encouragement and it’s our pleasure to communicate more and more, but we need a little grace when it comes to being able to surprise you now and then (whether its a requested by the community feature or not).



I do that route but from lax all the time in the 17q

Really appreciate the responses from both you and Tyler, it’s not everyday you get to hear back from not one but two members of staff. I shouldn’t be surprised though, it’s reflective of the amazing community you guys have built here! Reasonable people can disagree about what “a little grace” means, whether “replacing the Super D” is what is happening or why it is happening, and how often “now and then” is 😉. What isn’t up for debate is that you guys care deeply, work hard, and are willing to hear feedback. Thanks again, I’m excited to see what comes next!


This topic is for your thoughts about the XCUB. This can be posted on the topic community members spotted on live (part 2), Thanks. :)


Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2

Oh no! I loved the Super D especially in high winds. (JK lol) Can’t find the picture of it upside down in the hurricane in the Caribbean a while back.
Honestly though you guys are thinking for every type of IF user and keep making their experience better stage by stage.
Personally I am looking forward to the exciting times in the X Cub.

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Will it have monster shocks ( shock absorbers )

XCub comes standard with Hydrasorb gear, with an option to upgrade to spring gear. I believe the Infinite Flight designers have gone with the standard gear option. There’s some reading online if you’re interested in diving into the differences.


Me personally I don’t fly GA aircraft a ton but this one might change my mind. Also I think that this was a necessary update needed to replace the super Decathlon. While im sure we have our feelings on it, in my honest opinion I think replacing it was the right call. Just on a side bar please please don’t replace the C-17 lol I’m not above bribes. 😂 just kidding but seriously love love the C-17 and looking forward to trying the XCub.

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The first few weeks probably will be used a lot and as days and weeks pass it’ll be just like any other plane in IF I think


Isn’t it obvious? The chicken has taken to flight!

Last confirmed sighting:



Did not really know where to put it but I saw this

Tell me if it was already said

It really isn’t worth your time…just ignore it the next time

I see this all the time…picking what suits your narrative. Why didn’t you respond to my opinion in its entirety? Was I misleading when I said there wasn’t a feature request prior to the announcement or that it was hardly spoken of? If you feel the forum isn’t enough to gauge customer satisfaction, that’s your prerogative but don’t make it seem like I’m speaking of alternative facts. Thank you


I appreciate the insightful post and I understand your reasoning as well. Diversity is key

Apologies, sir. It was a busy day and I didn’t mean to cherry pick your post. You’re absolutely right on your other point. This aircraft (to my knowledge) wasn’t requested. It’s a replacement for the Super Decathlon. We said this in our official announcement but I understand there’s a lot of info out there and it’s easy to miss.

In regards to my other statement, you can read through the rest of this topic for more from Tyler and I. Not every airplane will be based on user feedback. Most of them will, but not all.



For an aircraft with a starting price of 330,000, you’d think they could afford at least a normal gauge 😁

As I also said that’s your choice and that’s perfectly fine. I’m glad we can put this to bed. Enjoy your day.


I think, even if the Super Decathlon is removed, increasing winds on the Xcub would still make the controls look like a helicopter. I am actually not sure. 🤣