What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

The PC-12 had been a long time favorite of mine until the TBM started being more in the news as a faster plane. We wanted to fill a void with a GA turbo prop and the TBM seemed like a more capable airplane with regards to what people do in IF.

The reason why we reworked the taildragger ahead of the C172 is simply because the model we had for the Super Decathlon was terrible. It was actually the last one I modeled myself before we started hiring people to do it way better than I ever could.
The state of the model plays a huge part in the order we rework things.
And since the Super Decathlon has not being refreshed besides having the Super Decathlon Extreme, we decided that the XCub was a good option for a modern GA plane with a fun twist since it’s been in the news quite a bit in the past few years.


Thanks for popping in. I hope these kids aren’t getting to you too much with their whining 😄 The XCub is a great decision. THANK YOU for everything.

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I don’t see anyone whining people are sharing there thoughts like the topic name states

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There’s a lot of them on Instagram 🤷🏻‍♂️


Well I guess that can be true I was scrolling through the twitter comments about the xcub from infinite flights post and someone asked if they could take a look into there ghost and fix they also provided two pictures

Wow, have been gone over night an there are so much news!

I definitely look forward to fly the Cub! I do like to fly airliners, and sure I have one or two airliners I’d love to have reworked or added, but I also need to maintain my landings for Grade 5. How? Right, in a nice little GA aircraft. And that’s why I’m so excited for this one. Seems like a very good alternative to my current go-to choice, the C172.

I can’t see any point of negativity atm. The most wanted airliner is in the making, communication between developers and community is better then ever before. We got what we always wanted, a frequently updated timeline to keep up with the progress of new features and developments. Discrepancy the community addressed in this Thread: Let's discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!
have been solved very well in my opinion, and I have been very criticizing last year.

I‘m looking forward to fly this new bird!




I don’t understand please inform me

To be honest, the comments on this thread are
30% “YAY FDS”
30% “I like this addition and here is why”
And 40% “I don’t like this and here is why”
Many people are just staring their opinions. The main point of the thread


Thank you for chiming in Nate and Laura, hope the whining on Insta isn’t getting to you’s too much. I just wish people would understand that you’s are doing your best at running the simulator and moderating comments. In regards to my comment (if you did read it) I would like to clarify some things I said, I was slightly annoyed at the time I was writing, but I still back up what I have said, and I respect your choices. Thank you for making this awesome simulator.
Best Regards,


I was wrong. Thanks for the explanation!! I’m glad you understood my English!! And I forgot about the super decathlon lol

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This may be a crazy question, but in IF would the X CUB be allowed to land and take off anywhere it can and not only on or from airports?
I hope this will be allowed so we can explore so much and the X CUB can do this in real life.


I actually am really excited about this! GA is awesome and I’m glad it’s getting some more attention

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The thing about Gulfstream is that they don’t like their planes in game. I say add the Citation 2 cause it’s a popular jet. Almost any normal sized regional airport will have 1 there or that is based there.

You already can as long as you can get your speed under 35 in the warning period which is not hard. Explore the world! It’s so much fun!


Definitely better then the Champion!

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My Thoughts:
Nice looking and Sporty , i would like to do some Pattern work or Touch and Goes with this Aircraft when ready 😀

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Landing can be done but stop and TO?

At this time, there is still a violation for exceeding 35 on the ground, but there is a warning period. You need to be in the air before that warning period ends so plan accordingly.

Same goes for landing. You can land anywhere but you have to come in slow enough that you can brake to under 35 before the vio.

You can park and turn off the engines anywhere.

Doing this around busy areas with active ATC in expert server will probably get you ghosted as it would in real life, so stick to remote locations.


I did a discovery flight at my local flight training operation the other day. I was guided through the flight process the whole time in a Cessna 172, and was on the stick for nearly all the flight!

I’ve absolutely fallen for GA since then and have flown exclusively the 172, putting around Southwest FL.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this guy and go explore Northward! While I’ve read some pretty disparaging remarks towards GA I’m extremely grateful the devs haven’t forgot about them. Luckily the skies are big enough for all of us, happy flying!

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