What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

Many people love to fly GA aircraft, and they greatly improve aircraft handling, not only this judging by how the XCub is already in testing, it seems they where able to, do all the development, while still working on the Airbus A350 so your big Airliners are still being worked on and other people can enjoy the smaller aircraft.

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Way to get landing count up. Full power shortest takeoff as possible, do a loop, land, and keep doing it till you have ro fly a proper pattern. STOL gets Landings.

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Don’t get hopes to high now mate, it is great and all but power wise everything could use some improvements. It would be a wonder of an aircraft though… just imagine…😂😂😂🤙🏾🤙🏾

I am honestly happy for this and I hope they have a Chicago Cubs livery on the XCub…Winshield wiper laugh


I think I’ll share my opinion.

I am exited for this. Their are a lot of short runways in IF (under 1K feet) and the TBM can’t land at those, so I am exited I can fly the XCub at these airports!

However, I know the Devs are working hard on both the A350 and the XCub, I do wish they would focus a little bit more on Corporate Jets, but I am exited for this! After they get over the hurtle of the A350, XCub, and SA scenery, I hope we see some more Corporate jets in game, eg: Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global 6000, etc.


I feel like they could’ve gone with a bit more popular choice with 44 votes rather than a 4 vote plane. Laura surely has a big influence!!

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A no mate, my topic came after the announcement, I just want the big fat tires, here is the actual one:


Oh didn’t know. But still, only 8 votes.

Y’all better believe it, out of the blue I thought really hard daily for 3 months straight that IF would make this plane and waddaya know… Sitting here sipping a cup of coffee opening IFC, there it is. Any other future requests for me to think hard for? lol! :D :D :D

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I’m seriously looking forward to this plane as a GA geek.

In all honesty, I look forward to every aircraft but the XCub? Maybe a little less. I see tons of requests on here for GA aircraft, from Cessnas to Pipers both single and twin prop so it’s a shame we haven’t been heard here for our favourite GA but IF gifting us a surprise package.

On the other hand, until today I hadn’t really looked at or studied the XCub. They have some quality liveries on their website in a variety of colours and the aircraft itself looks almost sporty in a ruggid way. I’m sure IF have something up their sleeve for it, dont forget - they’re still testing live cockpit and adding new features everytime they push an update like this.


Dont remove the super D, i need it in my LIFE


I cant wait to fly in places where ive never been! 😃 Its amazing to see a new GA aircraft.

This sounds like a job for…the XCub 😂😂

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The development teams for aircraft and scenery are separate and have no crossover. Adding aircraft has little to no effect on feature such as clouds and scenery development times.


Cant wait for the XCub to be added!


Please hear me out with what I say before you reply…

I am not trying to offend anyone, sorry if you are offended. Moderators who see this, please, have mercy and don’t ban me…

I think the XCub is a waste of time. It looks amazing and all, but think of the long term.

  • Who, in the long term, it going to fly the plane? Maybe a few hundred hundred people, per month.
  • The team at FDS could be working on aircraft that are more highly requested. Like the ATR family.

I am very, very grateful for what the small team do for us, its an amazing thing and has to be commemorated, but, I think they need to get their priorities right in regards to what aircraft they “create” first.

Knowing me, I will probably regret making this reply, but this is a thread for your thoughts, and I have expressed mine. I will probably end up flying the small, GA aircraft and will love it.

Best Regards,


Same here!

I very much disagree with your reply!


That’s fine! Everyone is entitled their own opinion. :)