What are your thoughts on Helicopters in IF?

I have confirmed helicopters will come after blimps which will come after balloons. The balloon flight model will be the base and added on to get the following models.


Would love this!

Imagine buzzing the tower… ;)

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Probably not worth adding at this point, especially since they’re working on Global and the C-130. Would be a nice feature in future, but at this point, I’d say they’re too busy.

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Not a fan of helicopters

EHBX for the win

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You are right. I prefer therefore other IF developments to come first, like global flight and taxiway lights, which can improve the realism of our simulator.
I love helicopters: I have two RC flying models but I think at this stage of ground details that after the first flights the enthusiasm would go quite rapidly.
Blue skies

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It might be a good idea for the futures but not right now

I honestly don’t see why not. I’m sure the developers have thought about it.

Flight n. the action or process of flying through the air.
I agree.
This could mean anything if they stay true to the term flight. TECHNICALLY they could put in a bird (a ligit bird, as in animalia bird) or a guy that is jumping. So yeah, the could possibly add choppers in the future, but probably not gliders.

Note: I’m not saying that they will add birds or a guy jumping, nor that I want them to. I was exaggerating to make a point.

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Why not gliders?

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if helicopter are added, I hope too see a altitude line,

i dont want helicoeprs in space

i think its a good idea, but it could be bad on TS1, maybe you can only fly them in expert. and for al those people saying that then they can’t practice, there is always solo.

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As long as they aren’t allowed on any live servers… I’m fine with it

I’m sorry, but what the hell would be the point of adding it then…

Anyways, if you want a helicopter, go in solo mode in a Cessna 102, and set winds to 40 knots or above. Enjoy. ;)

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I think this would be cool like an Robinson or bell since we have some airport have helicopter parking in IF

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It does say infinite flight so yes

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Exactly, that’s why I think that they should not be put in the game

Not now, maybe in the future

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Adding a livery like the Trump livery would result in lots of hate towards FDS. People would believe that FDS supported or endorsed Trump. Better to just leave politics and business men out of IF :)

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