What are your thoughts on Helicopters in IF?

Hello All.

I was wondering if FDS would ever add helicopters to IF. I think it would be kinda cool to just fly in a helicopter instead of a plane for a change. What do you think?


eventually it might be a good idea


I think it would make a really good idea. I like for example helicopters like the Dauphin or the Ecureil.
However things would get more interesting with realistic weather, so that you can fly for example Coast guard missions in a Dauphin for example. Just my 2 cents.


Would be nice to have the chinook.

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I think they will add it in the feature but not now

It’s silly but I’ll use my free cam as the next best thing. It only resembles the controls of a helicopter but it’s close enough to give you that feel and it doesn’t tax the controller or disrupt the flow of traffic.

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I suppose so, but it would also be awesome to fly to some of the really small airports. Like, some of the ones that have 500ft runways.


Well I thing they should have dat but again u have different control’s for it so we need to first practice it and then operate it but firstly IF developer’s must learn to control an helicopter 🚁 then they need to upload it’s tutorial on YouTube and then releasing it on IF it would be a long procedure so I think it will take a long time for that update.
Let the developer’s first focus on Global Flight’s then C-130 USCG and then helicopter 🚁 stuff

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I’m not saying they implement it immediately, but maybe a couple years in the future. Anyways, who knows where IF will be by then?


Maybe IF could extend the C 130 and turn it into a coast guard update (this would be extremely unlikely). It would be cool if they added coast guard helicopters. Also it would be really cool if they added executive helicopters, such as Donald Trump’s helicopter.



I’m happy with anything that makes IF better being added:-)

I had no idea he had a helicopter

Hmm I dont like the idea personally. I like the idea of IF putting 100% of its time into planes! helicopters are a no from me!

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It would be really nice if they added them. I’d like to see the UH-60, and/or the UH-72

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Hehe lol, he is a rich guy. 💰

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I actually sorta agree. There are so many aircraft that need to be added, we don’t exactly have time for helicopters. I just thought it might be cool, that’s all. 🙂

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I can kinda fly the dash 8 in IF like a helicopter!

I think it would be a great idea to implement other types of aviation such as helicopters and birds. Man it would be so cool to fly as a bird around the Denver region!

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In my opinion the ground details and landscapes are too simple due to the processor capacity of our mobile supports. The helicopter flight requires buildings, ground details, helipads, ships, ground vehicles, meteorological events like rain, snow, clouds, waves,… the limited level of detail would not make the flight very interesting.
Maybe with the next generation of tablets, we have to wait for a while.
Happy landings!

Yeah, well the name of the app is Infinite Flight, so it means that other aircraft can be added. Hey, maybe even one day we’ll see gliders, idk

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How do you mean? You could still fly a helicopter, it would just be not as interesting.

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