What are your Stats rn?

just wondering what everyone’s stats are as of right now
I’ll start things off, Grade 3 around 200k xp, 280 hours flight time, 260 total landings. no violations (which i am really proud of).
post ur stats in this thread!

Not too good:



True no life hours over here:

G4, 14,206 hours, 9.09 million XP, 3,891 landings, 75 violations (although thankfully no L2 or L3 yet)


Look at the bottom of my bio and find out

could be better idk

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not enough time to fly right

I caught you once on InfiniteX, I remember it showed me like 30 violations-but if you’ve got none in the last year that’s all that matters honestly.

The stupid 180 landings in 90 days is holding be back smh

Isn’t it 01:00 where you’re at? Doesn’t even matter honestly, the Cessna 172 at Heraklion should get you to Grade 5 in 15 minutes.

so close to G5 gl

I was there for like 2 hours on Tuesday because of a glitch

i’m now 75 landings away from g4

Why am I pointing out the fact that it’s 01:00 in Miami when it’s the same time for me just across the Glades?

Yeah, pretty much. However, I’m currently doing my first overnight flight in over a year and a half so that’ll be helpful at least

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alright gl!

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Just hit G4! feelin good time to start the grimd for g5…

with 683 online flights and about 1300 atc operations

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I can’t believe I’m still on grade 2 😐
But no violations 🔥


Aiming for 7000 hours by the end of next week 😍