What are your reasons for liking Infinite Flight?

I’m new to this posting kind of thing and decided to give it a shot.What made infinite flight such a great flight simulator in my opinion was the amount of effort in which the developers put in making a such an amazing game with the little resources that they had.They took something big and made it into something so huge that it takes my breath away.The graphics,cockpit designs and the general feel of the game make it feel like I’m actually piloting a Boeing 737-800 in real life and that what I love so much about this game,whether I’m playing solo or entering the buzzing world of online aviation,I’m never truly disappointed 😊.

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It’s the best mobile sim out there. Need I say more.

  1. It is the only realistic Mobile simulator
  2. It is the cheapest Advanced Simulator on the market
  3. It is the fifth best simulator on Earth
  4. There isn’t horrific music playing all the time

Thats kinda true especially point 4 (the horrific music playing all the time)😂

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Here’s why I like infinite flight ;
1.) Infinite Flight is open world.
2.) One of the few games with an active community.
3.) No annoying ads that pop up every 5 seconds.
4.) @schyllberg is a moderator.


Pretty much everything stated above, it’s just awesome

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Yea your right about there being no ads and it being open world as you cannot find many open world simulator games.X-plane may be realistic yet its area is also limited.It also fails in terms of graphics so your quite right in that sense.

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That’s true. And X-Plane doesn’t have an awesome community like us :)

Haha,thats no fun who am I gonna talk to then😂

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Where can I start? Infinite flight has held a special place in my heart. I though I would never find a flight simulator that depicted my future. The graphics, the aircrafts, the skill, ATC, and community are all special elements. Everyone is devoted and happy to help unlike other games. People listen and take things into consideration. It’s as if this is a family, and it is to everyone.♥️

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First, it’s an awesome mobile flight simulator. It even surpasses FSX in terms of graphics. This is especially important to me as I have a HORRIBLE computer. Although I do have a $1000 iPad, and that money could have been used to buy a decent computer… but never mind that.
The second and arguably most important reason is the community. It’s a great, huge community. The events, VAs, and so much more. Honestly, this community has had a huge impact on my life, especially through the VOs that I’m in.


It isn’t just the amazing graphics for me. It is the physics and the community that i love the best. The physics of the aircraft are detailed as in you can tell the difference between a light load and heavy load aircraft. You can flare the plane and set the engines to idle and have that last bit of lift in the last 10 feet. Flight planning is an amazing thing. I can plan a 10 hour flight knowing I will get to my destination on time and safely. You can track your flight with Live Flight. You can use real time winds to get your aircraft to the destination faster with Windy.I just hope people don’t just see IF as a game but immerse themselves in the experience of it and appreciate exactly what a thrill it is.

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Its actually realistic,unlike 99% of others.
Graphics are good

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That’s a very true statement there GordenW,thanks for the feedback.

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ok let’s see:

  1. The devs are actually avgeeks as well. While other sims might have avgeek devs, they don’s seem to be as dedicated. Their sims are also sooo unrealistic I’m usually cringing like hell looking at the screenshots.
  2. You can do real flights around the world. Other sims are limited to very little airports, kinda like Pre-Global IF, but even pre global was MUCH better than anything out there.
  3. ATC. Other sims on mobile, you don’t have ATC coms. Related to ATC is online multiplayer. Makes it so much more realistic with other players (in Expert at least).
  4. Grpahics are simply beuatiful. which other devs went to include satelite imagery in their sims? what other dev made aircraft like the A320, 787, and many others SOOO realistic and beautiful?
  5. I could keep going, the difference between IF and the next best mobile sim (Xplane probs) is unreal. Sometimes I wonder if devs on other sims payed people for a decent rating on their app…
    edit: Oh and how could I possibly forget? there is no community or place for people playing other sims to be “together” and chat. i really wonder what my day would be like without the IFC. It makes the whole experience so much better, and you dont feel lonely while playing. before IF, I would be flying my cessna in xplane 9 all alone…i loved flying but i felt so damn lonely

Yea games like Aeroflot are way to expensive and are very limited in terms of airports.Infinite tries to accommodate both live and solo players the best it can while offering quality graphics for both types.The devs also take time to listen to thier community,which is essential to keeping and growing a large community base.


I like this flight simulator. Because it’s more realistic than any other simulator I have ever tried in my past flights. Even better the the collection of the box office hit Ace Combat. 1-7 on both Xbox and PlayStation. And I mean it when I say it’s much better than Xbox and PlayStation’s flight games. First because you rarely find anyone online playing a flying game. While on the other hand. On IF Sim. It’s always buzzing and full of life. And never quiet. And that’s what’s making Infinite flight the best of the best. And I’ve been on here for a whole year, Even before the release of global. And I’m getting excited as this flight sim unfolds One step at a time.

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I’d like to hear your favourites.

I’m going by this

Really? It’s kind of obvious isn’t it?
The only good mobile simulator and my only real choice, as I can’t afford one of the PC sims.