What are your real-world aviation wishes?

I didn’t see any that related to real life so I think I’m good.

What are 3 things you wish, hope or dream would happen to you aviation-wise?

Here are mine:

  1. Get my pilots license.
  2. Fly the C-130 in the Air Force.
  3. Someone asks me to teach them about aviation.
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Fly a B772 with Pratt & Whitney engines.

  1. See HUD’s installed on all commercial aircraft (even GA aircraft too)
  2. The A330CEO/NEO flies more transpacific routes.
  3. 737MAX is banned forever.
  • Gets pilot’s license
  • Boeing makes a re-engined 757.
  • See the MAX fly again, and fly on one
  • Get a CPL pilot’s license
  • Develop unmanned aircraft for the United States Air Force
  • Live in a house, with a hangar, on an airstrip
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  1. The 737MAX returns to service before the end of the year, and continues to be a safe, reliable aircraft series.

  2. The Boeing 747, and other aircraft being retired, are converted to live a long and successful life in the freighter industry.

  3. All airport terminals are improved for better, more comfortable service.

  4. Ultra-long haul flying becomes more normal and becomes easier for travelers.

  5. Obtain a pilot’s license and fly widebody aircraft.

Not many wishes, but it’s a start. However, I’m not really sure how long this topic will last.

  • Re-engined 757 to compete against the 321 (although I like the 321)

  • A380F comes soon

  • I can fly on a 747 before they all go away (specifically the LH 748 EWR-FRA)

  • That aviation can return to pre-covid conditions (e.g. more flights, more variety of planes flying, and more.)

  • Get a PPL and go to Embry Riddle

  • See SQ21/22 happen again :(

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  1. Get my pilot’s license (PPL).

  2. Fly on a Rafale B of French Army (passenger seat).

  3. To be a Corporate Photographer for an airline.


Fly a 747
Fly an F-14
All A220 are scrapped
All 747s return to the skies


United is your best choice, just caution with the GE powered ex-Continental ones!

  1. Get a pilot license to be able to free fly on a Cessna 172 and Cessna Citation V.
  2. Boeing 737 Max & Airbus A220 to become a huge success.
  3. Autopilot can do a full flight for certain aircrafts.
  4. Boeing 747 and 707 to make a comeback, with all new technology.
  5. MD-80, MD-90, and DC-10 to be bought back.
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Fly on a Tristar
See the Blue Angels do a show in the A-4 SuperFox
Fly with VFA-37 in the U.S. Navy which was my dad’s squadron

  1. Pilots license
  2. See my home airport become big
  3. Fly on a 737 MAX
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1). ATP/airline job flying Boeing aircraft (even 737 MAX)
2). To join the Air Force
3). That the overtake of automation stops. Pilots need to hand fly.
7). To fly on an MD-80, 747, and even A380
19). To propose to my girlfriend (whoever that ends up being) in my airplane

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1: Cohrohna goes awae so we can finally get back to a sense of normalcy in air travel.
2: To fly on a 772 for the first time for my London trip.
and maybe more, idk yet.

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  1. Travel returns to how it was pre-virus
  2. I become a Southwest 737 ATP
  3. I buy my own C172 G1000 when I get older
  • Fly the DC-10, MD-90, 747-200, Super Connie

  • Re-Engine the 717

  • Work for jetblue

  • Doesnt retire the E jets

Get pilots license
Fly for United (or be the CEO both work good)
737 MAX is flyable again
Being on next inaugural 737 MAX flight
Boeing re engines the 757 and 767
Airlines stop retiring the 747
United’s crew (the mean ones) starts to be nice

That’s really it :)

  1. Pilots license
  2. Fly in the Air Force
  3. Fly on or fly a 707

For y’all wishing for the MAX to return, I’ve got some bad news for y’all