What are YOUR hopes for Infinite Flight in 2023?

I would like to see come to Infinite Flight this year…

  • RDU become 3D
  • Better aircraft lighting (Taxi, Logo)
  • More rework aircrafts.
  • Weather

That is all I can think of at this second… lol


I just hope that the devs re-focus the 787-9 cockpit camera to a normal angle like the -10 and -8

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I hope for Palm Springs and Long Beach to become 3D


But I can’t make my aircraft on the center line while I’m in the passenger view😂

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I Just hope we get the Emirates EXPO livery with the A380


that would be sick, I would love to see a lot more sky team/one world liveries as well!

I agree with all the points mentioned above!
The addition of more weather scenarios or even volumetric clouds would be amazing, but that’s a huge performance question id think. I’m very excited for what the infinite flight team will deliver throu ought this year!


There has been lots of great recommendations on here! Many of which I would’ve said myself. For me, something that needs to be worked on big time is the flight planning. It’s very unrealistic. The bank angles from one waypoint to another are trash. The way it turns is so unrealistic and would be dangerous in the real world lol. That’s why we’re always off on LNAV, cuz it can’t predict when to start the turn to stay on course.

Linking to Simbrief and Navigraph would be amazing too! I use Navigraph a lot for realism, and it would be cool to be on my macbook or on another iPad and see my exact location.

Taxiway labels, along with ground clearance with which taxiways to take to your assigned runway.

And much more that could be done, like weather changes, nothing crazy like MSFS 2020 lol, but I wanna see some snow while I’m flying during the winter, or some rain with a simplified form of volumetric clouds.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Any turn above 30° and you’re miles off of the waypoint. An LNAV rework will not only provide a much more realistic feel to the sim, but also make flying much easier and much more enjoyable imo

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Yes expo blue green orange and the one with the Flight attendant as well as 50 years of the UAE🇦🇪


Learn more insane fighter jet maneuvers!

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I am looking forward to the Challenger


I hope that the infinite Flight in 2023 can improve the weather system and increase rain and snow. It is also hoped to increase the iconic landscape and landmarks of the city. For example: Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong, Shanghai, etc.


would be so awesome if they started introducing 3d cities haha, would give another role for the IFAET group, but it would also lead to even more pressure on the airport reviewers haha

I really hope the following things are added this year-

1) Visual effects like tire smoke, dynamic lighting (where the landing lights and airport lights actually illuminate the surroundings) and bloom

2) Taxiway signs are added and ground ATC frequency can give taxi instructions

3) Vegetation, i.e, trees

4) Taxi lights feature, so that just the aircraft nose wheel lights can be switched on for taxiing, like in real life


I think that it would be great to see:

  • A soft rework of 747- 400 similar to what was done with the 747-8 and maybe including live cockpit
  • Live cockpit in the 787 fleet
  • Lower level clouds - maybe also updating with current weather conditions similar to how fog currently works
  • City lights

I hope for

  1. Lights to affect surrounding like landing lights illuminating the ground when landing and taxiing.
  2. The a380 to be out by the end of the year
  3. Fog to be a little more realistic
  4. 3d volumetric clouds.
    That’s it thanks for reading.

I agree with the opinions above.

One of the things I would like is:

1-Despite the taxi lights it looked amazing. It would be interesting to put the names of the taxiway lines.

2-Automate clouds that we have at the moment.

3-Automated push back so I can stay inside the cockpit during the pushback.

4-This is linked to number 1. Let the ATC Ground before starting the taxi tell you which taxiways it has to taxi.

Extra: Sound of rain

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