What are YOUR hopes for Infinite Flight in 2023?

Hey everyone!

First of all, happy new year! As we enter into the new year, we enter a new chapter on Infinite Flight! We’ve already seen the INSANE progress this simulator has made over the past 2 years, so it’s always fun to look into the future as per what we hope will come!

Here are my top 3 things!

  • We may as well get it out of the way, the A380 rework! I’m CAN NOT wait for this rework to hit our devices!

  • The 737 MAX and the A320NEO family’s! I think 2023 is finally the year when these aircraft come to the sim! Make sure to vote on the threads below:

  • And finally, I have 3d clouds at the bottom of my list! Even though it’s a stretch, 3d clouds I hope aren’t too far away. With the new expert server BETA out, the limits of Infinite Flight are being pushed further! With GSE equipment and moving jetbridges for other aircraft enabled by these updates, I dont think 3d clouds are too far off!

Feel free to use this thread to let me know what you hope to see coming to infinite flight in 2023!

Happy new year and happy flying!


*Realistic Turkish Airlines Liveries (Turkish Airlines hasn’t got B737-700. And that livery on 737-700 is old. I hope B738 will be added.)
*More Pegasus aircraft: A320-321-NEO/CEO
*More professionalism at EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) "strobes at gate, cutting line, unrealistic taxiing etc."🚯


I already know somethings are coming out that I have wanted:

KMCO is becoming 3D
A380 is being reworked
We get the Challenger 350

Other things that I am hoping for include, but aren’t limited to:

KDFW coming to 3D
Both the Airbus A320Neo family and the 737 MAX series come to IF
KOAK coming to 3D
KORD coming to 3D
KABQ coming to 3D
TXKF coming to 3D
Other weather features (new clouds, precipitation, etc.)

And don’t forget, probably the most important thing for a flight simulator - AIRPLANES! I would love to see some airplanes in this game.

JK JK JK I’m just being stupid. But yeah, this game has had a ton of progress in the past year. I cannot wait to see what they do next.


Agree. Really looking forward to KORD


Let’s have a think…

Challenger 350
A380 (hopefully - it’s definitely not certain to come in 2023)

More Improvements to Lighting
Clearance Delivery ATC Frequency
Taxi Routing and specific gate parking Instructions


To beat my fuel burn and distance travelled totals from last year.


To atleast get Maximus in the sim, I don’t care if the MAX9 goes first or the MAX8, but aslong as we get any MAX in the sim, we are all good.

Also, I really hope to see SMF in 3D.


Here what’s I want to see in 2023:

Challenger 350
A380 Rework with Hong Turtle and China Southern Liveries (Hopefully)
More Liveries Added, especially Chinese Liveries
Lighting Improvements
Commencement of 767 Rework (Not saying I want it to be reworked in this year)


better ATC communication and weather (Snow, Rain, Lightning, and natural disasters .ect)


we simply NEED the rest of the pegasus fleet, I also think it would be a cool idea to issue not a violation but a warning for having strobes on when not on the runway, or crossing a hold short line, almost like they do with the “Too close to aircraft” one

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I think in terms of game play, better lighting - especially night lighting is something that IF should really be focusing on for the future, and in terms of ATC, you’re totally right, taxi-routing and gate parking instructions will add a whole new dynamic to ground control, hopefully it will encourage more IFATC members (including myself) to split frequencies more often!

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IF should attempt the live cocpit rebuilds of military fleet this year… particularly c17


they should just have a whole fleet hiatus where they disappear for 2 months and come back with every cockpit reworked 😅

all I hope is new engine sounds but I know it’s not posssible for now, new engine sounds = longer my subscription

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Fr, engine sounds are another minor detail that can make all the worlds difference. However, I also think that they shouldn’t priorotise these because there are much more important things to look out for! With that being said, I still totally agree that it would be awesome to have new engine sounds

As you mentioned. The MAX or the NEO

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they simply just have to come at this point…

To have an update for the military callsign database


For the A321LR to be added lmao and for DFW to be added.


I hope for the A220 sounds (which eventually they have it), same for the A330. Its been a hella while, so I hope this can come this year.