What are your goals and what are you expecting in IF in 2024?

Whether it’s getting to grade 5, getting 50000 hours of flight, 5000 landings or even racking together enough money to pay for pro (jk), please post what you intend to do in the new year. Please make this my first successful post.


Currently grade 4 as of now I want to try and get 1 million xp. 400k away…roughly.


My deadline for Grade 4 is end of 2024. I also wanted to learn more on the physics and master myself with the 737/A320/A332/A359 type rating in IF. hehe…


It would be nice if yall put what you are expecting from an infinite flight update. (what you want)

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Realism. Pure realism. If we can put more realism in the Expert Server that would make IF totes better.


I want the f-35 in infinite flight


That basically sums up what the developers are working towards

Yeeesss that would be nice

Well If I can climb to the developer team that will also make the IF much better,.

Doesn’t hurt to try lol

Well my first goal is to get into IFATC And also get to Grade 4.

My goal is to get back to Grade 3. (After I was inactive)


my goal is to get back to grade 4 again, im expecting the ATR family to be added and more russian liveries!

not more qantas? haha

yes especially the QantasLink a220!

Qantas yeah

2024 is upon us :()

Def the E145 would be great for short regionals. I hope that I can keep engaging on the IFC and continue to make friends!

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You’ll get that for sure!


  • IFATC Officer (Radar Controller)
  • Completed the following airports before summer arrives:
  • KRNO (95% Done)
  • PANC (2% Done)
  • KDEN Rework
  • KBJC Added


The IF team works hard constantly on every aircraft, and I don’t expect anything to be added, but rather, a wish list would be more suitable for this one.


  • A380 (Of Course, confirmed and nearing completion)
  • B737MAX series (Hoping for -8 & -9)
  • A320NEO ( 320 & 321)
  • An ATR series aircraft
  • Another Private jet

General Features?

  • More developed clouds
  • Continued improvement in airport lighting
  • Continued backend improvement (Props to Cameron for the hard work he’s been putting in)
  • Whatever else the IF team has in store for the simulator and the community!