What are Your Favourite Liveries on IF

I Hope This Topic Havent Discussed yet

Mine are Singapore, Garuda, Cathay, Air France, and Lufthansa

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Etihad, Delta, Air Caraibes, FedEx, Sounds Air, AirTran, Delta, Southwest, American, Korean :heart_eyes:.

Long live the DC-9!

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I’m a fan of the old united liveries. The newer one is basically a copy of Continentals, just with “UNITED” slapped on where the “Continental” would be.

Mine are:
KLM,Jet2,Southwest2015,Etihad,American Airlines and USAF!
:) ;)

I love Garuda’s tail and winglets.

FedEx and Turkish Airlines have great liveries as well!

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I like the DHL one too.

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Agree with the Delta one 😍

I Like the New one too but I Hate the Old one

I like DHL Tho. So Sad that Plane Isn’t Exist on CGK 😭

What does the following IF Aircraft have in common?
Airbus A330-300
Boeing 717-200
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 777-200ER
Embraer E-170
(Wow they have a lot)

I Like the American New Livery tho 👍🏻


And the “United” is in a yucky typeface.

At least they could’ve retained the silver “Expressjet” written on the engine…

Long live the DC-9!

Garuda is gorgeous too. 787 and A350 will look amazing in its livery :heart_eyes:.

Long live the DC-9!

Oh dear god…I meant to put new…that old thing is hideous as far as I am concerned! :)

KLM (New livery-Not yet added) is good on all aircraft-The older one only looks good on the widebodies IMO.

Long live the DC-9!

I agree with you Trevor! :)

Garuda Just Ordered B787 and A350XWB on Paris Air Show. It Could be Awesome

I’m Glad that They (American) Changed Their Livery :smile:

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The new livery thing is an odd craze. Not just KLM, but Lufthansa, BA, Delta, United, Iberia, and Etihad (Seen on A380) have all done new ones. My least favorite is Iberia, their new logo, Livery is more sloppy, therefore making the more fitting name Be “IINKBLOTTESTIA” (Put Ink Blot test between I and IA)

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Agree with @El_Alex