What are YOUR favourite IF life-hacks?!

Want to fly two flights at once, but don’t want to pay for two accounts? Well congratulations, you’re in luck! Sort of… You can fly on two different devices on the same IF subscription, as long as the two flights are on separate servers.


If nothing is changed from last year, using Flaps 10 will save a lot more fuel than trim 60-70. I don’t know how much trimming saves you, but using Flaps 10 nearly cuts your fuel usage in half when heavy. This benefit decreases as the plane lightens up but even at 10% load it’s still like 6% better and honestly I doubt that trimming would even touch that.

Obviously it’s not realistic but it’s more of an exploit (like flying on ground effect, flying with one engine, etc.) than a true fuel economy technique.


That is a great way to get reported by me, or another controller on the expert server, unfortunately. :)

I am very sorry to hear about your impatience, but in all seriousness though, I would not do that on an active taxiway because it makes our job harder to manage aircraft doing 35 it’s on a taxiway. Give way clearances are going to be through the roof. So please, my personal request would be to keep it to 20kts at most, and 25 in certain situations - and be conscious of surroundings and let that help gauge your speed on the ramps and taxiways.

In regard to the life hacks, I would say using landing lights as taxi lights (don’t do all the time, but have done before)

Or, the simulating TOGA with the small acceleration to 30% then 50% followed by 80-90%. If at a BRAVO with high traffic or immediate takeoff clearance I would go to 100% from 50-60 (with the exception of takeoff weight/aircraft type in general).


i agree with this

IF don’t like that tho.

Don’t recommend flying with more than one device. There used to be this user (don’t know if they still do so) who’d fly with more than 5 devices at the same time. They would do so at ATC controlled airports, and they found it unfair that they’d get reported or disconnected for failing to maintain proper communication… They’ve had a fair number of run-ins with the staff too regarding this issue…

Using Flight Radar 24 to see what runways are currently being used at the airport in real life


I do that too, it makes such a nice smooth stop, and it’s easy to access

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If you don’t immediately let go of reverse thrusters but rather gradually reduce it to 0, the spoilers will not retract until you manually retract them.


Re-read what I replied. It only works when you’re on different servers. No more than 1 device can be on the same server

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Disconnecting the wifi when on an active IFATC airport in order to takeoff from taxiway without them noticing whenever I am too tired/busy to wait for taxi, takeoff lines etc…

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Set VNAV the same Altitude as Airport Elevation right at the Airport point to make Visual Landing easier 😂

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Yeah I know it makes everything way less fun I was also joking about full throttle taxing. But wasnt about the impatience.


Reducing the speed of the A346 to a ridiculously low approach speed (115-125 kts) to make it land more realistic (pitch up instead of pitch down)

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but how would they maintain the airspeed? using pitch?

he means ground speed

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Going to space in if

Using AoA for step climb guidance, gear and flap extension speeds, and approach speed for smooth landing when I can’t be bothered to look at reference tables.

And, using FPV as a cross check:

  1. for VS and IAS guidance for a smooth touchdown in a not frequently used aircraft.

  2. for vertical control when using the HUD in cockpit view while looking off in any direction

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Going onto Casual Server in an A318 and doing landing circuits at EGLL to get landing for Grade 4 and 5.

he used the term rolling which kinda made me think rolling down the runway or smth 😅

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