What are your favorite routes?

What are you favorite routes to fly, and why? My favorite would probably be KATL-PHNL because of the huge varieties in the scenery throughout the US, and because KATL is my home airport.

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My favorite or only long haul I’ve done is KATL-EGLL
BUT KSBP-KPRB is a personal favorite for reasons the community may know


It’s no biggie, but mine’s a short haul from DC to Chicago. It’s what I fly on IRL during Christmas break.


Rome DaVinci Intl to Barcelona the long way over the Swiss Alps and the Pyrenees.


Perth to Denver, great fo fly across two great continents with both having vast deserts and alps.

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KATL (Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta INT.) - KDOH (Hamad INT.)
Qatar 777-300ER

Doing this route always makes me chuckle. Always satisfying landing my 777-300ER in Delta territory.

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(Fresno to Las Angles

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Favourite route has got to be LFPG - KJFK although there’s loads more that I love to fly. Don’t know why, I just love the transatlantic ones!


NZAA - NZQN is my favourite


Lol 😂 Doha’s ICAO isn’t KDOH, it’s OTHH. Only US airports use K for the beginning.


HKJK-OMDB. I try to do it every week.

Well I think Doha became a US city overnight😂😂


On a short haul I go from EDDH to EDDM.
My long haul route is EDDF to KMIA on LH A380.

My favorite route if EGLL to KJFK on an American 777-300ER. Love the route just, because I fly it a lot in real life, not just IF.

OEJN-OMDB it has great looking scenery

Currently flying VHHH - LSZH for FNF, with Misha, and also @Matt.

Cruising at 36,000 right now, ETA 10:14 mins.


So far, my favourite is WSSS-EFHK. You can see stunning sceneries of Myanmar, China, Kazakhstan, and Russia during the flight 😉

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Well, I don’t have global, but when I get it soon hopefully, I’m sure my favorite will be KSFO to VHHH in either a Cathay Pacific 744, 77W, or Singapore 77W, mainly because I’ve done that route 9 times in my life in these airlines and aircraft (9 times is pretty significant, considering I’m only 15 :), and was also my first flight ever (11 months old).
So yea, it’s a pretty significant route to me :’)

Edit: Forgot to add, SFO being my home airport and VHHH surrounded by such stunning scenery also adds to the route!

Its a great flight! My favorite actually…

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