What are your favorite aspects about flight?

For me, sight is a key factor. I have always loved looking out the window at cruise and seeing the ground from that high. The perspective of Ground vs Air is so different. It amazes me to see how big and beautiful the world is from the Air perspective. Sure you can see flowers and stuff from the ground, but with the air, you can see a mass amount of land!IMG_9193IMG_9470. What are your favorite aspects of flight!?


Favorite aspect of flight? That’s a hard one bc I love all aspects. From boarding the plane to getting off the plane, there is nothing like the joy of flight. Flight can get us to places faster than anything else before and can also define gravity.


The view and sensation of being free from the earth below.


Uhh, Thrust Lift Drag and Weight? I guess


That is a very good question! For me, the views and the wonder of having a meal and sipping a drink while watching the scenery go by underneath will probably never get old. But that’s not my favourite thing about modern commercial flight.

My favourite thing about flight is how it brings people together, the stories, the interactions people have that are enabled by aviation. I can walk down the aisle of a 747-400, and find a non-revving couple going to visit family far away in seat 35B/C, two young ladies getting emotional over a movie on their way to a month backpacking in Asia in seat 58D/E, and a young graduate student working on his code, finalizing important aspects in seat 68K.

I can see parents, organizing their young family and keeping them settled for a long flight. I can see tearful reunions and goodbyes in airports all over the place. Parents watching their child’s first cartwheel over FaceTime at the airport Starbucks, children flying to meet their grandparents for the very first time.

We are so often wrapped up in the marvel of flight itself, humans defying gravity and soaring with the birds of the sky. But each person who chooses to soar has a story and purpose. For flight is not just the triumph of lift over gravity, thrust over drag, it is the stories people bring aboard, the joy, the laughter, the tears, and the sorrow, all wrapped in a metal tube because of one common purpose, to go where their story has decided to take them.


That probably has to be my favorite so far!

The In-Flight Entertainment. :-D

If I was serious, Then it is the fact that I can fly safely, and happily thanks to the efforts of the millions of people who have lived to make aviation even better, from the Wright brothers to William E. Boeing and the Captain of the plane I flew on to the team that designed the A320 (Don’t feel offended because I mentioned Airbus and not Boeing. The only reason I mentioned the Airbus A320 is because that is the plane I have flown on for most of my flights)


First off, is that the Global picture of Sydney, cause it looks so similar.

Anyway the best part of flying, taking off, cruising, landing in turbulence so that I can hear the screaming people.

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I honestly couldn’t agree more, I flew to DFW last month and then onto Albuquerque. During those flights I was sat next to a lady who had flown from South Africa to drop her niece and nephew at their fathers while their mother was ill, she has flown a total of 6 times in around 72 hours on minimal sleep and was really appreciative of me and my one trip.
On the ABQ leg, I was sat between a lovely elderly couple - who refused to sit next to each other! 😂 They were on their way to SantaFe to was an Opera, I figured that they were huge opera fans seems he was reading a mega thick book on it - he confirmed it! On my way home, I was sat next to a couple of had just completed a tour of everything Elvis in America, they had crossed 5 different time zones and flown 4 times before being on their flight back to Heathrow.

I love that everyone shares their stories and communicates like we as human beings can.


I love the view especially when you are sitting next to the wings or the engines. But the best aspect in a flight is when you are having a talk with nice and talkative cabin crews, plus having an access to the cockpit ;)


The best part, by far, is the feeling you get when you realise this, and many other, human achievements. 20.000 years ago we we were nomad monkeys who could barely communicate in a complex manner, and in a split of a second in the context of earth and human evolution we are flying extremely complex metal tubes that pressurise, fly, in which we can eat inside, and every single nail that is on the wing, fuselage, or landing gear.

Every single nail wasn’t possible 20.000, or even 10.000 years ago. In a split of a second we are capable of organising metals pieces and small metal parts into a huge machine that can fly thousands of metres above the surface, and in an outstanding safety, for 10, 12, 15, or 17 hours to the other side of the world.

So underrated.


Wing View and the engines 🔥

The length, IFE, food, wing view, and aircraft

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I love everything about a flight, from making your way to the airport, over going to the gate being able to see so many different planes which could take you to (almost) all over the world, continued by that unique atmosphere boarding an aircraft, the engine start, the flight control check, the takeoff, the roaring, or amazingly quiet engines, the beautiful views from the airplane window, (hopefully) the good service, the approach (offering the greatest views) and the (again hopefully) firm and smooth landing, changing the system again from flying to “driving”, taxiing to the gate, getting off the plane and looking forward to the destination.

I love (almost) everything about a flight ;)


That feeling when you’re pushed to the seat when takeoff thrust is set. Something about it just makes me teary eyed everytime. Have to hold them back to prevent looking like a weirdo.


My jaw just dropped, other than that I totally agree

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Indeed, it is fascinating to learn the stories of those around you just by listening and observing.

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Takeoff and landing for me!

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Same!!! It just feels great! It is always exiting:)

The inspiring feeling of being able to just get up and go. I love flying commercially, but flying by myself for 2 hours on my solo cross country was a great experience. The anticipation of getting airborne is always exciting.