What are your favorite and least favorite planes to fly in IF

Favorite: A330, B717, B737BBJ, B748, B787-10, CRJ-200, and F-14
Least: A-10, A380, C-17.

The CRJ-200 isn’t that bad everyone.


Favorite: Airbus,318,319,320 Boeing 747SCA,777-200F,777-300ER, 757 Boeing 789
Cessna 172,208,Citation
Least favorite: A321, 737(all variants Needs Rework) A380,CRJ200, F/A18
A330, Boeing 767

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Favorite is the F-16 and C130s. Least favorites are probably p38 and A318. All of the aircraft are fun though!

Basically all the reworked planes and my favorite out of all of them is the 737 because all the unreworked planes physics, dynamics, and texture are horrible

My favorite is the… VC-25… it’s just cool… and I like 747’s…

My least is the Jets… I can only fly those things on Casual because I get violation everywhere… only if they had autopilot…

747-8 (I wonder why ;D)
F-18 because real F-18s don’t have reverse thrusters and it needs a rework

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Favorite: 787 Family, 767, 757, 737 Family, 777, A320 Family, 747 Family, Q400, and Super Decathlon cause’ Decathlon + 50 knt winds = Helicopter

Least Favorite: A330/40 (because it needs a rework), Crj (before rework), C17, and P38

Anything air bus is great.

747 series
787 series
777 series
A320 series
Least favorite:

Okay, here are my favorite:
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Boeing 787-9
Embraer 170/175

Here are my least favorite:
Airbus A318
Airbus A380
Airbus A340
Boeing 717

For me the best:
B777,b787,a320 family (great design, physics not bad, and added features like wing flex or the Windows in the a320 in night, down or sunset time)

And for me the worse:
B717, a330, a340 (all need immediate physics rework. All have a bad nose-pitch-down while at cursing altitude, like a380)

Why the super decathlon isnt the worst for me:

It’s one of the oldest planes in IF, it’s IF itself I think.
The super decathlon is the last plane on IF that was done by @Laura and so it has for me a symbolic meaning although I fly it not so often.

That’s my opinion ;-)

A318 - Favourite

A330 - Least favourite


  1. Bombardier Q400
  2. Boeing 787-8
  3. Cessna Citation X

Least Favorite:

  1. C-17
  2. A330
  3. A340

Well@pidge if I have to say it correctly. And also staying in subject. I flew a low wing moony with a porche engine with the vertical stabilizer tilted forward. In turbulent Wind. And in this simulator the high wing Cessna-172 feels slow and during touchdown it’s like a piece of paper being thrown around… and it also feels like the wings would fold up and clap above your head. And you would just simply fall down like a rock to your demise… lol. If it is turbulent enough with excessive pilot input to the yoke.


A320 Family
(Not in a specific order)

Least Favorite:

757 (I really like it in real life, but the physics are not the best on IF)
(Not in a specific order)

For some reason I actually like the crj 200, my least favorite has to be the c-17


you do know i’m not a real pigeon…

my favorite aircraft to fly in IF is the 797 because it’s the 787 and my least favorite is the f 18 because it’s hard to control.

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Why? I much prefer the 787 as it’s just like the 797 but it’s a 787 that is a 797.