What are your bucket list flights in Infinite Flight?

Hello Infinite Flight Community!

I thought I might ask you all what routes, aircraft, and scenery you all plan to fly or fly over before you finish (Or never finish) playing Infinite Flight.

I personally want to fly across the Sahara into Africa. I haven’t done it yet but I have heard there is some beautiful scenery down there. I also want to fly the 747-8 sometime as I haven’t ever flown it before.

What are your bucket list flights?


Flying every route served from my home airport, KAUS
Idk if I will be able to do it tho, maybe just half the routes?

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That’s pretty awesome! Good goal to have. That’s a lot of routes! 👀

I’d like to circumnavigate Earth in an XCub but I don’t have enough time at the moment :/

Other than that I’d want to fly every route out of KMCO (Orlando), my home airport.

That’s so cool! I saw on your Instagram that you had just moved to Florida. How you liking Orlando?


I’ve already flown to them, but flying to the islands of the Caribbean, Hawaii, and French Polynesia are my bucket list flights

A year and five months ago 🙃

Too hot and humid but living right next to the airport’s worth it.

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Ah yes, The Bermuda Triangle. I see we are a little daring. But some beautiful sights to fly over. Good pick!

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Yeah it is really hot there. I guess I was a little to late when I saw that picture. 🤪

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After looking at Austin’s routes, I have concluded I cant/will not fly any of the Southwest routes. I don’t know how they have SO many routes.

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Khartoum (HSSK) to Kassala (HSKA)

with the Fokker 50

If it ever comes to the sim of course



That’s why they have 700+ planes…

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You all have some very cool routes! 👀

I currently have a challenge to fly every easyJet route from Gatwick… So I’ll be doing that! (Can’t wait for 21.1 to do it in the new livery too! Will look so good!)

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Landing an A380 successfully at Lukla 😂


Nice choice. Haven’t done it yet. 😆

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With the region assignments for IFATC: Get SAEZ busy :)

Nice! Hopefully I can do a flight there for one of my Twitch/YouTube streams!

Delta. Hartsfield-Jackson, GA - Jackson, WY

I was going to do that as well with the Xcub. I stopped doing it like after my 4th leg.

And it’s nice to see another floridian here as well. I heard that moved here like last year. I hope you are loving our crazy state so far .