what are your best landings in the worst weather conditions

What is your best landing in the worst weather conditions on infinite flight

I once made the runway slippery with butter @Swiss at KSEA runway 16C in very low visibilty.

I remember doing 60 landings straight in Adak, Alaska. Winds there were 30g43 something.

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I once landed in Svalbard with winds gusting up to 60 kts and visibilty about 500m. Better than i expected to say the least 😂

I landed on a taxiway going -500ft and collided for 4 other aircraft with 40kt crosswinds 😎😎

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I one time was landing at KMIA on short final and my speed was to low I was landing on runway 26R one of the cargo areas is right before it and I landed at 200kts in the cargo area on the expert server

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