What are you most wanted liveries and why?

This thread if for telling me and all different people you favorited livers and why.
You have to have a photo of the livery.
You have to be on topic
You don’t have to tell me why but it is appreciated if you do.
No negativity. AND I MEAN IT
So come on tell me you’re favorite livers

You can find the forums most wanted liveries in #features.

Go to #features, then hit “Votes” and see the top feature requests

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Why is this in #features?

As this is not a feature request, it should not be in #features

Swotched it to #general

It also looks suspiciously like this one:


Not sure I fully understand the goal of this topic but if you’re trying to find out what people’s favorite aircraft/livery are, then I suggest you continue in the topic below:

If you are looking to see what the most wanted aircraft/liveries are then I suggest you take a browse through #features as some have already noted above. You can sort these voted features by TOP voted for features.