What are VORs used for?

What is a VOR and what are they use for and what does the frequency mean?


You can look here, for me Idk what VOR is.

Google is your friend.

VOR is a navigational aid that can be used while flying, kinda like a waypoint. To track a VOR you need to tune to its frequency on your NAV radio and listen for its Morse code to see if the VOR is operating properly. VOR stands for Very High Omnidirectional Range, the direct lines from VOR to VOR are called Victor airways. If you have ForeFlight you can look at the airspace maps to find all the VORs and their airways! They aren’t used as often as they once were but I like to use them when flying!

This doesn’t apply to Infinite Flight but when using VORs you want no more than 102nm separation between VORs. The max range of the VOR signal is around 50nm.

Here’s a picture of KOSH, which also houses a VOR directly over the airport. The frequency is found in the VORTAC box on the bottom right and in this case is 111.8. Present next to 111.8 is the Morse code you should listen for to ensure the VOR is working. Leaving KOSH at a heading of 212 is the Victor 9-341 airway, for example.


I tune into it by going into the nav map, then clicking on it?

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Not in Infinite Flight but in real life you would. In Infinite Flight simply select the VOR like you would select any other fix. Clicking on the VOR and then clicking + or Direct to.


Will it make noise?

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No it won’t. Plus I’m pretty sure all the VORs in Infinite Flight work anyways. :)


Great explanation @masonh2479. More accurate than Wikipedia which can contain false or misleading information!


VOR’s are used by pilots who don’t have GPS or just feel like using it (me) They send out signals like bike wheel spokes, so it gets more sensitive as the ‘spokes’ get closer to each other in the center. You have to tune these frequencies, and the frequencies can be found on sectional charts. They are also used in commercial flying though as airway markers as @masonh2479 said, but commercial aircraft generally don’t use the actual VOR signal for navigation. Hope this helps :)

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it would be great in infinite flight to enable two things:

a true HSI where the vertical and horizontal (localizer and glideslope) are represented in the Omnidirectional range steam gauge (the one in the center used for ils approaches). They should be represented both inside that instrument.

A third option for clicking on a VOR in the map; Navigate. Navigate does two things:

it configures the ODR (thats the dial used for the localizer) to track to the VOR, AND it puts an extra button on the panel for dialing in the VOR Radial.

Bearing and offset to track are already calculated.

Another mode, “full panel” would enable "okd style IFR panel flying, like we still do with Skyhawks today.

If you purchase Infinite Instruments on IOS, it has a full VOR system and database.

I’ll had that you’ll need a device that support multi-tasking for this app.

A second device works just as well.

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