What are Vor(s)?

What do Vor(s) mean? I just can’t understand :(
Can someone give me a very simplified explanation?
And also what does the CRS have to do with it?

A VOR is part of the airfield.

A VOR is a “VHF omnidirectional range.” It is used for navigation by pilots while flying.

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Could you give an example? :-)

Maybe take a look at this, he explaines it very well:

or this one:

Thank you!

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Definitely watch that video, it will tell you much of what you want to know. More than I can tell you!

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VOR stands for VFR Omnidirectional Range. It is a radio beacon from which you can determine your location using aeronautical tools. VORs are often paired with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), which relay your distance to the beacon, whereas VOR relays bearing. You will often see these stylized as VOR/DME.

Contrary to some responses:

A VOR is not always located on an airfield. There are many VORs that are seemingly placed at random across the United States and other countries.

CRS refers to course, which is your bearing to the VOR. If your were flying North, directly towards a VOR, you would be on the 0° outbound radial. If you set you CRS to 0°, it would show you as being in line with the radial. This is often a very confusing concept, so I suggest you check out the PHAK Section 16, which I will link below. (Page 16-22)

Edit: My previous description may have been inadequate, so I will demonstrate with infinite flight using the photo below:

As you can see, I am directly to the west of the VOR, on the 270° inbound radial. Now, infinite flight uses outbound radials for VOR, so I must subtract 90° to find I am on the 90° outbound radial. My CRS is set to 90°, and I am flying a heading of 90°. As a result, my CDI (green arrow with circles) is all lined up. If I were to the left of the magenta line in the photos, the line would be over the right circles, and to the left circles if I were to the right.


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