What are transitions

sorry, I have a question: what are transitions? thanks

It’s where you fly over the airport. If you request transition it means you want to fly over the airport. The controller at the airport will say something like “transition approved at or above 2,500” and that’s the lowest altitude you can fly over the airport

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I bet someone will explain better than me

From the ATC manual:

“Transitions can be requested by aircraft when they are not with a radar facility and are transiting through the tower controller’s airspace. For Infinite Flight, Tower airspace is defined as the most immediate ring/boundary surrounding the airport and up to 5000ft AAL (therefore if the elevation of the airport is 1000ft, the tower’s airspace would be 1000ft – 6000ft).”

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It depends. Are you asking for a transition within the context of VFR or IFR flying?

Along with above. The term is also used for IFR procedures

Thanks guys. But If I’m fliying above an airport with tower frequency to arrive at another airport should I request transitions to navigate in the tower space ?

If you’re at cruise flying over. No. I would say if your below 6,00

So if I’m under 5000?

It depends on the airport whose airspace you are planning to fly through and how far it extends. This information can be found on VFR sectionals, which for the US at least are free online, and if I’m not mistaken you can just click on the airspaces in Infinite Flight at this point and it should you how it extends. The point of a VFR transition is saying “Hey, can I come walk through your backyard for a moment”. I have two examples here. One you can see is the KGFK airport. So the number inside the circle (the lateral boundaries of the airspace) with the box (the vertical boundaries of the airspace) around it means the airspace goes up to and including 3300 ft. Above 3300 ft, you would not have to request a VFR transition as you wouldn’t have to be talking to that ATC controller. The airport next door (KRDR) would be 3400 ft.

The second example, Daytona Beach (KDAB) is a Charlie airspace, so instead of the boundaries being just a blue dashed circle-like shape around the airport, it’s a bit expanded. If you are planning to fly through the outside ring between 1200 and 4000 ft, you have to ask for a transition. On the inside, between the surface and 4000 ft, you have to ask for a transition as well. Again this is only if you’re “transitioning” through the airspace en-route to a different airport.

Within the context of Infinite Flight, this is about as much as you need to know regarding VFR transitions. There are also such things as Published VFR Routes which will get you through a busy bravo airspace. If you’d like to learn more or are unfamiliar with some of these termsI recommend reading Chapter 15 of the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge to help you out a little bit. Let me know if you have any questions.

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