What are touch and goes?

Hello everyone I have a question about touch and goes why do pilots do them do commercial pilots do them for fun what are they for
And what is their purpose


In a touch and go you land and once you are at taxiing speed you takeoff without leaving the runway. No idea why pilots do them IRL.


Commercial pilots don’t do them IRL. In training you do them to practice approaches, takeoff procedures etc to fit more in in a limited amount of time. They’re pretty fun too.

Touch & goes are a great way to practice as many takeoffs and landings possible in a limited amount of time. It involves landing on a runway and taking off again without coming to a full stop. Commercial pilots are mostly doing touch & goes for training purposes like you can see in the video below. :)


Do they do it in a passenger Flight

They don’t. I forgot to add they often do touch & goes for an airshow.


The purpose is to practice landings

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Not with passengers. They can do it to practice landings, strong wether conditions, test out a new aircraft or calibrate the ILS - but they don’t do it with passengers. :)


Done for practice. It allows for as many landings and takeoffs as possible in any given time frame. Some airports, though mostly limited to the busiest airports, have a ban on touch and goes or practice approaches. Such information can be found in remarks. Stop and goes are exactly as it sounds, where the aircraft comes to a complete stop on the runway and then takes off again.

It would never be done in an actual passenger flight. Time and schedules are expensive to keep. Pretty sure every airline has a policy where the pilots must note every delay down to the minute.


I believe that it is often called “Base Training” IRL. This is where a new pilot to that aircraft, after completing the Sim training etc, flys the real aircraft for the first time and conducts a number of Touch and Goes with a TRE before they can be signed off to fly with passengers on their Line Training. Am sure any of the professional pilots on this forum can give a more detailed answer if needed.

You will do ‘touch and go’s’ in base training for an aircraft type rating. 6 take offs and landings can be achieved pretty quickly that way!

Normally this will be done for an initial type rating where the pilot does not have the flying requirements for zero flight time training (ZFT). For the bigger jets there is usually a stipulation that the pilot has achieved the required flying experience for ZFT and the entire LPC/OPC can be conducted in the simulator.

To take an airframe out of the line for base training is expensive as each ‘touch and go’ is considered a ‘cycle’ by most airlines. They want it done quickly and cheaply!


@Lx_D Check out this! → 747-8 Touch and Go - YouTube

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