What are they up to?

Just saw this on Instagram idk if they tryna hint out something what do you guys think?image


sOmEtHiNg SeCrEt! Oooowwwwww! 👻


Laura is coding the next Space X launch 🤓

Im joking of course, hard at work as always!


Laura is living out her dream working hard with the others to keep this great simulator moving and grooving like a well oiled machine !


Only time will tell…

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hmmmmmm… 😉Kind of nice to work in the same room sometimes. We’ll see what happens.


Guys not everything they post on social media hints to releases of features. This is just a cool pic of Laura coding for new features.


Would it be funny or mean if that all said “got you” over and over again, and they just played Slither.io all day… 😂

Only joking of course, I’m sure they’re hard at work…

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There are two stars in this picture…

One on the wall, and one coding away!

Thanks to the Developers for making Infinite Flight what it is today through all your hard work!


Coding a plane with moving cockpit 😀

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Another surprise ?🤔

I guess we will just have to wait and see, it could be anything, so let’s just be patient and find out.

Also, I think it will be hard to tell that if when something is released, that it is what is being coded in this photo

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We’ll see!

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Hmm, makes me get a feeling that FDS is going to have an actual office?

Maybe I’m reading too much into that comment.

But nonetheless I hope Jason and the crew keep posting hints that make us speculate things, I myself do enjoy the thrill of figuring stuff out.

My guess is Laura is working on making Infinite Flight even better!

They are up to something that is very difficult and takes lots of time and dedication.

Keep up the good work FDS 🎉

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Not everything has hidden meanings. What if Jason just wanted to travel and crash at a friend’s place?


ShE’s CrEtIng tHe AiRbUs 350 😏😜😜


Good one🤣🤣

You wouldn’t be a good English teacher 🤪