What are they doing?

So I was just about to take off runway 24 at Schipol and this guy comes taxiing down at around 35 knots just so he could depart much faster. He then can’t stop and hits the other pilot waiting for takeoff. He just sits there looking ridiculous! They made no clearance what’s so ever as to taking off and nearly tailgates the other pilot who just took off! Keep in mind this is on the expert server Andy I just wanted to state my mind on how ridiculous this is.

Happy Flights!

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If this was on the expert server as you say then in future you should report him and if other people see they will report and he will be invisible and effectively ghosted.

But still this is very bad behaviour for Expert.


Unfortunately, some pilots feel that they can do whatever they please when no ATC is active. If you caught their display name and call sign, I suggest you contact Tyler and let him know. Pilots like this one must be punished for this kind of behavior in the expert server.


We ask the question, why?.. and the answer is they are just being plane stupid and trying to ruin other people’s flying experience.

Pun intended


It’s so pointless to taxi as fast as possible to the runway and cut in line. You ruin everyone else’s experience as well as your own, but taxiing can be the most exciting part of your session! (As long as you do it correctly)

laughs uncontrollably I’ll give props to that. It was good


No need to contact Tyler. He has already enough work.
Pilots tend to do whatever they want when there is no ATC but just forget about them… Even when there is an ATC pilots can also do some stupid things but I usually let them go cause it isn’t worth a ghosting.

He was running on the terminal to join the swiss guy. I only told him: This is not a taxiway (no ghosting for that. Fortunately he didn’t went through someone so it wasn’t usefull to do it).


Thank you I’ve just contacted Tyler and he said he’ll look into it

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