What are these?

I have been playing IF for quite a few years and i have always seen these around airports and also in the middle of nowhere. I would like to know what these are as i’m not very familiar.

Those are VORs. You can use those to help you navigate as well.

Check out this tutorial on how to use them: VOR Navigation Tutorial


Its a rather vague question and it doesn’t appear that this may have been fully addressed. You’re not really specifying what it is you’re pointing out. Just keep in mind the more information that can provide, the better that we’re able to assist in providing accurate information. 🙂

If what you’re asking is related to these blobs, these are simply different Special Use Airspaces or Traffic Information Areas. From the research that I did, they’re low level airspaces. Surface to 3500ft MSL. You can’t really tap on them or find out more information within Infinite Flight. You’d have to pull up Foreflight (method I used), maybe SkyVector or another aviation chart program that would show this.

As for the “spoked wheel” labeled “ZOL” that is a VOR which as Drummer mentioned is for navigation use.


Sorry about that. Thanks for the information.

Ohh I didn’t know that.

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