What are these

I couldn’t upload the picture for some reason but on the maps there are circle things and I click it it has words what are those

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Are they red or blue?

It’s a temporary flight restriction. They’re being tested


Blue and it has words if you click it

Oh but could you explain

But it’s usually in solo mode

It not a glitch

They are VORs: http://stoenworks.com/Tutorials/Understanding%20Vors.html

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This tutorial also explains what a VOR is.

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Thanks that helps

But sometimes I see them in area where there is no airport

They don’t have to be at an airport

Thanks, great info!

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Do you mean the jpeg png jpg issue?if so download an image converter…i noticed that too

Yes that’s what happening to me too

Ok thanks for the help

Then download an image converter…that would sort out the issue

How idk how too

Let me pm you

On iOS just crop the image on computer, make it show file extensions then change it from whatever to .jpeg