What are these lights next to the runways?

If I’m right these are the lights that turns red if your speed is too low? I forgot what it was called and also want to ask if they worked actually turn red if you were stalling or speeds too low

These are PAPI/VASI lights.

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Those are PAPI lights.

They indicate your position on the runway’s glideslope.

Those are called VASI lights
Visual approache slope indicator and it tells you whether your on a 3.0 degree glide slope to the runway


Ah ok thanks!

Do they actually work? I see em turn red sometimes

Those are for the ILS approach. Check out this post.

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Yes they work

Ok cool!!!

Yes they do, if they’re all white then you’re too high

They show where you are in regards to the runway landing zone. It helps you make sure you arent too high or too low. (All white = to high, all red = too low, White and red = just right)


Thank you!

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basically you must have 2 white 2 red to be in a pefrect position on glideslope.

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