What are these lights at the end of the runway?

I was flying at night and holding short of a runway when I noticed these lights that turn green and red when viewed from different angles. What are they used for?

Ps I have to use two photos to show what I’m talking about hope you don’t mind;)


These lines are typically located at the threshold of the rwy and indicate the beginning and the end of a certain rwy for the pilot.

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These are the runway threshold marking lights. If you see them from the red side, this is to tell pilots that there is no more runway after these lights, so they must stop before reaching the lights. If you look at them from the approach side being green, it means that is the point where runway actually begins so you can land anytime after those lights.


Also extremely handy for ensuring you are not approaching and landing downwind on the active at night!

Approach end green!!! Top tip!

Could be messy.

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