What are these flashing runway lights?

Hi everybody. I have noticed on my way out of an airport that there are flashing white lights at the end of it. This really helped me navigate to the runway as it was nighttime and I was unfamiliar with this airport. I don’t recall ever seeing this before and am wondering if this is at more airports or if it has to be an ATC controlled airport?


What airport did you see them at? I think I know what you’re talking about but want to be sure

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It was Vienna International Airport (LOWW), runway 29.

Those are called Runway End Identifier Lights or REILs

Here’s some more information regarding what their purpose is.


They really helped me, I’m sure I would have passed it (Rnw 29) by if I hadn’t seen them blaring at me. Thank you very much for letting us know @DeerCrusher. So does ATC control those then on IF?

No, they are part of some airports. Just the same as how some runways have centerline lights, or some don’t, REILs are added by the airport editing team based on what is present at that runway in real life.

Just like the rest of the lights on an airport, they come on automatically after sundown or in cases of low visibility.


They are blinking on the Casual Server as well so it isn’t controlled by ATC per say.

I’m going to admit that I usually switch my time to noon when landing. It’s a bad habit I know. Shame shame shame Levet 😞


ATC does not control these lights in IF. You’ll generally find these lights at airports with an ILS approach. Some GPS approaches will have them but not all of the airports we have will include these lights. Medium to Large airports will generally have these installed and can be found within the app. Small airports will be a hit or miss.


That’s amazing I had no idea that Infinite Flight had that capability. @Levet I am guilty of doing that once or twice but now no longer as I want the full realism and challenge. Don’t you just wish you could change the time in RL as well? I do. Thank you airport editing team! So much! You saved me from blindness and an embarrassing situation!


@Levet Shame!

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@A_Hippopotamus guilty as charged. I will add that as my goal for the next quarter of accomplishments to complete.

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@Levet all in good time, as they say.

In all fairness, I totally understand why it can be worth changing the time - I’m a bit boring you ‘see’ as I avoid flying flying aircraft that are without panel lights on routes that start/finish at night 😳… I know, bigger shame shame shame Hippo 🤭


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