What are these commands

What are these commands and how and where to use

I know the first one only

I take it you are a beta tester?

These are there since the ATC update (April 2015) came

Iv never seen them 😂

Open approach, let somebody comtact you and then scroll down and you will find the page which have these

I think advisory is when you are leaving the current ATC airspace and there is no one controlling where you are heading. Just guessing but return to frequency might be when you want to send someone a command again after you have sent them a frequency change.

They’re bugged. :) The intentions were that they were going to be available when an aircraft isn’t on your frequency. This will probably be fixed in a future update.

request to contact is a normal on guard

Send services advisory is for aircraft who doesn’t HAVE to be on your frequency, but that they can tune in to monitor where other aircraft are (good example is VFR planes)

Request return to frequency is when an aircraft switches frequencies before they should.


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