What are these and what do they mean?

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What are these called and what do they mean?




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Correct format for for Events.

The first one for example:

Event takes place at

DD (Day): 28th
Time: 16:00 Zulu
Month: November 2015

Oh ok that makes sense now. Thank you.

What about the second one I mentioned? It has DD instead of a date. Does that mean it’s TBA?

Correcto mundo :D

@Apollo. There date time groups (DTG) Eg: 180001ZNOV15 =. 18th Day/ UTM Time, 1 minute passed midnight / the month / the year. DTG’s are used universally in communications. As noted there not standard. In the US. The military form is used routinely: 180002ZNOV15.,., Time Zone “Z” is Greenich Mean Time. Check Wiki to see what UTM time zone you live in Max Sends

(TBA- To be announced. see Wiki for standard acronyms )

LSZH34 has the correct answer. Any event in the Events category (besides official FDS events like FNF or TT) are required to have the standard format.

DD = Day
TTTT = Time in Zulu
Z = Zulu, just type “Z” to indicate that the time is in Zulu
MON = Month
YY = Year

Awesome thanks everyone.

These are the event title formats.

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Keeping this in the archive for future reference