What are the worst aircraft and best aircraft in your opinion?

Honestly for me it comes down to wait looks like a plane as I grew up. Being in America I was heavily exposed to more Boeing aircraft than Airbus. Heck I thought Airbus was a Russian manufacturer until I was 18. I always thought all the aircraft were Boeing. So to me Boeing is the ideal manufacturer.

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Worst would be wright flyer because it was the first powered aircraft

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I’m American too but Airbuses are okay. I fly on them 20% of the time I fly. Usually the A321 which isn’t terrible, but I prefer the 757 to that. The A380 is also a pretty smooth ride, but so is the 777, if not better.

If you are saying a military jet is the worst aircraft you clearly are missing a lot of factual evidence that says the F-35 is indeed the worst fighter. It’s basically an under-powered, under-performing, and unappealing F-22

I don’t really hate Airbus, but I started to like the 777 so I kind of thought that Boeing is the best, but I think Airbus might be making a comeback with the a350. Surprisingly, I’m 10

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Also, if you guys want to do the Boeing vs. Airbus argument do it here

agreed @KeDoG3

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Maybe tomorrow. I don’t feel like arguments today

Possibly. I like the 777, it’s one of my favorite aircraft. I fly United most of the time, and I usually get put on a 777 or 747 for international and 757, 737, A321 for domestic. I also like the 747 quite a bit I’m saddened they might retire it.

Yes me too, that is why I like to collect 4 engined models because airlines are retiring them.

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Well it may be most common but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. And anyway the A320 series has more orders now and is the most common aircraft I see at any airport in europe

You’ve just upset a lot of people with that 😂

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Changed it to Boeing 747-1

Yes, but the 767s without IFE were terrible. Qantas stopped operating them within the last few years. A330 and 787 are much more suitable for those international flights.

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They do look like copies alright! Why do they bother?

I don’t think so looking at their accident history

The -100 was a great airliner being built in 1970. You couldn’t expect too much from it, but most of the crashes were either hijackings or pilot error.

mate he is just going through the phase of loving Russian aircraft

No Airline has regretted buying the A380 you liar and Emirates is still constantly buying A380’s. And who told you they are regretting it because it’s big? As far as know Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and other Airlines said they want an even larger A380.

actually qantas is regretting it. half of the flights in the a380 have only been half full (or basically a full 744) and qantas has also not taken up the final 8 A380s it had on order.

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