What are the worst aircraft and best aircraft in your opinion?

Yeah he said he wouldn’t be taking the Malaysian A380’s but if Airbus makes the A380neo then he’ll directly purchase them from Airbus.

First of all the 777 is not having engine problems. Engine problems would come down to a new aircraft having a faulty engine… Like the Qantas A380. Airbus is having problems with their A321NEO which is why Qatar refused their deliveries. These problems happen to every maker. YOu can’t pass it off as just a Boeing problem.

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But you have to accept that Boeing have more problems with their new planes than Airbus have

The CityAirbus taxi is a ridiculous idea that would change the world forever.

I’m saying how can you be a pilot in the future if you hate all Boeing aircraft, and yes it does matter who started, a company that started in 1916 is obviously going to have more crashes than one that started 36 years ago. What about the 4 A320 incidents from March through April last year alone?

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Qantas is actually looking to the 777X as a replacement for the A380. (Go 777, it’s your birthday!) Because the 777 is more fuel efficient.

The A380 is such a failure. I can’t wait to see them replaced with something as beautiful as the 777X. 😍

(Even though it’s closed, still an interesting read)


777 is the best!!! 😍

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I’m not talking about incidents if you want incidents I’ll make a list of all Boeing Aircraft incidents last year and you’ll be like 😱😱.

I’ve made my planes to dodge flying a Boeing, I’m Canadian and since Air Canada have decided to go all Boeing, I’ll move to Dubai and fly for Etihad (I know they have a mix fleet Boeing and Airbus but there’s a great chance I’ll get an Airbus!) And that’s gonna be like in ten years to come. West Jet have many 737’s and a few Q-400’s so they’re out of my list and Finnair only operates Airbus but they fly over dangerous places. Whatever, who knows if Etihad might even want me so you’re right I might fly a Boeing but Boeing should make their planes a little bit safer.

Qantas is looking for 777x lol after they threw 777-300er in the garbage they’re now looking for 777x.

A380 isn’t a failure, after all it gets no competition from a Boeing aircraft and that makes it the best! 747-8 is the failure, you don’t wanna hear how much 747-8I’s Boeing have sold.

No A380 is the best and 777 is the worst!

The 747 has been around for 40 years. That’s quite a success. Let’s see the A380 hang around for another 30 years. I guarantee it won’t. The end of the story is that the 747 might be gone, but the moral of it is the A380 will go with it.

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But the story of the 747-8 tho!! 😂😂

Yes, the 747-8 has not been a big hit. And I agree, but it’s being replaced by newer aircraft that could probably carry more but be fuel efficient too. That’s why Boeing plans to have the 777-8, 777-9 and 777-10 to do that.

Qantas is probably going to phase out A380’s in about 5-10 years time with the 777’s. Probably starting next year, it’s going to replace the 747-400 with the 787-9.

Airlines are already having trouble filling up the A380. That’s why a 777 sounds more acceptable.

Qantas ordered a350’s too didn’t they?

Nope, they haven’t. The only Aircraft that are Airbus’ are the A330 and A380, and A320’s which are owned and operated by Jetstar. While they have many Boeings. The Boeing 717, 737, 747 and in future the 777 and 787. None on order.

I heard they’ll be ordering a350 URL’s!

Exactly the 777x is like the start of a new beautiful world

Boeing knew the 747-8 wouldn’t be a big hit they only made it if airlines wanted to replace their aging 747 fleet or if the A380 wasn’t suitable for certain routes

And nobody wanted it! No one asked them to build it so they shouldn’t have.

Oh really.
Customers for passenger variant

  • Lufthansa
  • Korean Airlines
  • Air China
    Cargo Variant
  • Silkway Airlines
  • Saudia Cargo
  • Nippon Cargo
  • Cargolux
  • Air Bridge Cargo
  • Cathay Pacific Cargo
  • Etihad Cargo
  • Atlas Air
  • Polaris Air Cargo
    When was last time the A380 had a order for a freighter variant order, oh wait when did it have 1