What are the white streaks that planes leave behind?

When you peer at the sky on a bright day, you can often see criss-crossing white lines left behind by aircraft. But have you ever wondered how they are formed and why? We looked into the phenomenon.

1. Contrails are formed when vapor from the engines freezes.

The trails left behind by planes are officially called contrails, short for concentration trails. They form a bit similarly to how the breath you exhale can condense into vapor on a cold day.

In short, contrails are formed when the water vapor in the exhaust from the plane’s engines condenses into water droplets, which then freeze into ice particles composing a line-shaped cloud.

The impurities in the jet exhaust form some of the particles on which water droplet grow, before freezing.

2. Contrails commonly occur at high altitudes

The most important factors for contrail formation are temperature and humidity.

Most typically, the trails are formed by jet planes that fly at the right altitude, around 25,000 to 40,000 feet, where the air is cold enough. The trails form most often at a temperature below minus 40 degrees Celsius.


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