What are the votes for?

I have been wondering this for awhile but I was just wondering do any of you know what the votes for because the Boeing 737 MAX has like 1561 votes and was wondering if it will be added to the game?

So, votes indicate what the community would like to be added into the game. However, something with a high vote count does not necessarily mean that any one feature will be added into the game.

Due to the complex mechanics and coding which goes into other feature development, the development and executive teams do take that into consideration when adding new aircraft and other new features. I’m sure there are other factors involved as well, but those are the ones I’m aware of.

The devs and execs do try to take community input into consideration when possible, though! The most prominent example would be the recent poll for the next Heavy-class aircraft to be developed, which has resulted in the A380 being put into development. I also believe that the community recently had a poll on which Condor livery to be added into the sim.


Hello! The votes are to let other IFC staff or people know if they want it, or if its a multiple choice vote to see which one people prefer. Hope this helps!

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