what are the three lines leading out of the runway called?

what are the three lines leading out of the runway called? And what do the different colors mean? Also, why are some runways green and others red? Sorry for being such a noob.

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White is GPS approach and red is ILS.
The different colors of the numbers indicate wether wind conditions are good or not

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That’s the Glideslope which leads you down to the runway.

The Red one is for ILS approach, which basically means that if you want you can let the Autopilot land the plane for you instead of doing it manually.

White one is GPS approach which basically means that you’ll have to land the plane manually on short final.

They indicate the approaches (glideslopes) for each runway. The red ones are for the ILS (instrument landing system) approaches. GPS approaches and indicated by the grey ones.

Hope it’s correct, correct me if I’m wrong

@Johannes_koelsch yes the red ILS and the white GPS approach

Yes I know, that’s why I wrote that

Really, I have never had to do that on either an ILS or GPS approach, the plane does the landing for me either way (permitted the plane as an APPR feature).

The only difference is that for the ILS the angle may change and we airport editors (some of us are also navigation editors) can edit that following real life charts.
The GPS is self-generated in IF.
That’s also the reason why sometimes the APPR (on the ILS) doesn’t bring you exactly on the centerline due to a misalignment of glideslope/runway.

If you encounter some situation like that, don’t forget to submit it in the appropriate way!

Additionally, ILS takes terrain and obstacles into account where GPS is a set angle which may or may not go through a mountain.


Just to add on to this, the glideslope/ localizer continue farther than these three lines, or also commonly called the “cone”. The cone is just a guide for your landing but you can intercept closer, or farther if you were being vectored by the approach. Red is an ILS approach, which takes into account terrain, while white is a GPS approach which is a single angle that does not change.

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