What are the steps to take to learn how to be an ATC

Hey, I’m really interested in becoming a IFATC someday. I don’t know much about controlling right now. I was wondering what are the best steps to take to learn how to be an ATC.

Hi, I would watch some ATC videos on the Infinite Flight YouTube page. From the basic knowledge you can learn to fully control on the training server.

Once you feel that you are ready you can apply for IFATC

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Maybe this will help:

Hi! Adding on to the what the other guys have said, setting up an ATC tracking thread would benefit you hugely, by doing this you can get feedback pretty much instantly about your controlling, if you are interested, I’ll link the topic to setting one up :)

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I’d also recommend checking out the ATC manual, which is linked below.

Hi there! Learning how to control is a very exciting process! I’ll quickly go over some of the key steps to take to control and then become an expert control.

  1. Read through the Infinite Flight ATC Manual and watch the ATC YouTube videos. Additional tutorials can be found in the #tutorials:atc category.

  2. Control on the training server. Start off small and work up to larger airports. Keep in mind that pilots don’t have to follow your instructions on the training server.

  3. Create an ATC tracking thread. Let people know when you’re open on the training server! Pilots will stop by and provide you with very helpful feedback.

  4. Once you feel that you know the basics of ATC, feel free to apply for IFATC! More information can be found in the ATC Recruiting thread and here at if-atc.com.

  5. You’ll take your written theory test. If you pass with a score of 80% or above, you are cleared for the next stage of recruitment!

  6. Next, you will have to take the practical exam. If you pass, fantastic! That would mark the promotion from the training server to the expert server. If failed, you will have the option to commence ATC training.

  7. ATC training details can be found here. There are also a ton of other resources on that thread for you to reference and use.

The Infinite Flight ATC Education Group is also an amazing place to learn! You can request session feedback from expert controllers, sign up to receive blog postings on ATC material, as well as access many other helpful resources. Make sure to check it out!

Additionally, if you’d like to read about fellow controller’s success stories, take a look at the Spotting From The Control Tower editions, courtesy of @Gliding_Central:

Spotting From The Control Tower

Spotting From The Control Tower | Edition 2

Spotting From The Control Tower | Edition 3

Spotting From The Control Tower : Edition 4

Spotting From The Control Tower : Edition 5

A new edition comes out every so often, so keep your eyes peeled on the forum! Their new website can be found here.

Best of luck learning the ropes and starting your IFATC journey - you’ll do great! Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions regarding ATC.


Thank you all for the suggestions!

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