What are the spoilers used for ?

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They are used to slow down the plane in landing and in flight.


Flight:- To Slow Down while on Air and to slow Increase your Descent rate

Armed: To Slow down while Landing(After TouchDown)


Thank you for answering my question. So engaging spoilers will help me from losing standing and keeping my speed below 250 under 10K. Appreciate it !!!


They are designed to slow down and assist in descent in flight, and on the ground they are used to cut the lift and slow down.

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If you are looking to keep your speed at 250 under 10k, I would advise you set the autothrottle to 245 IAS, as the autopilot often keeps the speed a little higher than what you have inputted.


It is helped to reduce lift if armed so if a plane at a high rate of speed is landing it won’t start lifting back up because of lift. Also it can help an aircraft descend.

Thank you for taking the time in answering my question on spoilers and going to the extent of actually showing me location and how mechanism operates.

                                                      Appreciate all the effort.
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No! Rifigjejsivjg

Spoilers are NOT used to slow down this is the biggest misconception.

You use the nose to slow down and speed up.

Engines and Wings help to create lift.

People need to go back to flight school this is fundemental crap here…

In answer to the spoiler question. It really depends on what theory you use to explain flight. After all, the engineers I have spoken too at Rolls Royce seem to say “we don’t actually know why planes fly it’s simply a pretty good idea why but we aren’t entirely sure”.

Personally I think spoilers disrupt the airflow to the wing causing the plane to descend at a faster rate.

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