What are the requirements to fly an ultralight?

Does anyone know what the requirements are for a one seat ultralight aircraft?

Age? License? Weight? Fuel Type?

You have to be 16-17(Depends where you are) to start flying, you need a ppl to fly any aircraft, weight and fuel type idk

A PPL for a one seat sport ultralight?

For example, I need a license for this?


Well I have a ppl and am doing a cpl, so here we need a license to fly any aircraft


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I know what an ultrlight is😂😂😂

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Because if I understand correctly https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_103-7.pdf says that you don’t need a license. But I’m making this just confirm that I’m not wrong. So please tell me if I’m wrong. Just try to elaborate on that.

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According to multiple sources I’ve found (when I mean by multiple, I mean at least a reasonable amount of sources/websites to qualify as widely accepted information), for the United States of America you don’t need to have a license if you’re flying a part 103 legal ultralight, but apparently there is a limit of five (5) hours if you don’t have an ultralight permit. But you should be definitely be able to ask a correspondent of the Federal Aviation Administration for further clarification on the legality of flying the ultralight without a license.

Note: According to one of the sources I’ve found, it’s recommended to have ten-twenty (10-20) hours of ultralight instruction training. But again, better to talk to a correspondent of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for further clarification on the legality of flying the ultralight.

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That was exactly i was gonna say


I’m thinking about getting my PPL when I become old enough and then getting one of those old Cessna 150s.

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