What are the red/white thing on the map.

What are the red/white thing on the map at the ends of the runways

They indicate the ILS/GPS approach.
Red - ILS
White - GPS


The Red arrows are ILS cones. The white little triangles are waypoints.


What red/white things are you talking about? For the red thing, you are probably talking about the ILS cone. However, for the white thing, what do they look like? Do they look like the red thing or are they small triangles?

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I think he means the white cones. (GPS approach)


The GPS approach in the simulator is the same as the ILS except that it doesn’t account terrain into the glidescope.


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it all started about 6 years ago with my friend when we were making a username and we thought of a name of goldchicken360. things started to evolve, the name thechickendestroyer was next, now chickencoolness is my name, and it will LIVE ON FOREVER!

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@Rocky_Black. MaxSez: Valid question for a new kid, Welcome Aboard. FYI, “there are snakes on this plane”, Trust but verify. To verify remember Google is your friend and every nugget has a copy of “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” at hand. The Handbook is availailable Free at faa.gov in PDF form. (It has a lot of pretty pictures if yr slow). Regards, Welcome G’day


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