What are the planes with Wing Flex?

Hi guys! I have a question. What are the planes with Wing Flex?

737 (a little bit)
A320 family?

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And i think the 787 have wing flex too

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But anyway, thank you very much.
Can a moderatoe close that please?

The MD’s also have wing flex

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Airbus A318, 19, 20, 21. A330, A330F

Boeing 737 series. 787 series

CRJ series

MD11/DC10 series


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he meant in the game. I think

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737, 787, A320, A330, MD-11, DC-10, and the A-10, and TBM technically have it, but they have very stiff wings…

I always thought thought that only the 737 had wing flex…

The 787, 777( a little)

The 777 doesn’t have any, but after the rework it will


The flex is especially noticeable in the A320 family when doing a VT or a ST.

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