What are the peak hours of Infinite Flight?

I’m from Australia (more specificially a part that is not on the same time zone as Sydney and Melbourne, on top of that fact that Australia is so far ahead in time compared to Europe and America), so playing on the servers can get really tricky for me since I don’t want to be playing when there’s no ATC and no one else really flying. I am having a bit of a struggle trying to make time to play in alignment with the rest of the world, so it would be of great help to me if you could tell me what times you’ve found the Expert and Training Servers at their busiest (Zulu time would be helpful, but if not just put what time zone the times you are giving are in).

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I feel you mate, I live in Indonesia :)
I also curious about the same topic…

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For us Aussies, early morning (6-7am). 5.00 pm in London give or take a few hours for the rest of zEurope and 9.00 am for Los Angles, give or take a few for surrrounding areas.

Edit - (made no sense) So when its 6 am in melbourne its around 5 pm in London and 9 am in LA. AROUND

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Glad to have another Aussie! It’s mainly when we are sleeping, although 6am is quite popular and around 10pm

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10:00pm to 10:00am is when I find its most busy

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It’s usually at 3pm pacific standard time, to 6pm pacific standard time.

Ohh, yep. I know exactly when you mean…🧐😆

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It’s probably 16:00Z - 21:00Z is where I see the most people on Live.

Usually after I go to sleep (1500Z-0200Z) is the busiest. Unfortunately for us people in South East Asia and Oceania most of the traffic is on while we’re sleeping. I’ve yet to be in a holding pattern due to traffic. But I’m pretty sure it’s at its busiest at about 2200Z. Sucks to be in this part of the world ;-;


Pretty much busy during night in south Asia. Never been in a holding cause of traffic as well.

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Around 2100z. Not much you can do.

I find 2000Z-0200Z Zulu to be the busiest time for flights in general aswell as transatlantic Flights

Gday! From personal experience I noticed that the most popular time is Friday night, EST. That is Saturday morning our time. By around midday we will see the Americans heading to bed and the Long Haul and Ultra Long Haul being started.
Hope this is a nice guideline!

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Well… I would say in the weekend? :D
and maybe during the evening in each of the continent…
Like am here in Europe during the evening… or in Asia in the evening and so on…

Perhaps you could join an Australian based VA, then you would likely to be flying at simular times as different pilots?

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