What are the payment options for IF?

What are the payment options for IF? My friend is looking to joining the IF pilot base (the app). @AshleyMijA0225

Here you go!

I meant Credit card cash etc!

Adding on to what @MJP_27 said, you can buy individual aircraft for a certain price.

You can use Apple Pay, credit, debit, anything.

Using a credit/debit card linked to an Apple I.D. or Google Play account or a gift card for either store.

Google Play does accept PayPal, but don’t quote me on that one.

You can use Visa Paypal (android) and pay cash ( android ) at Walmart if you’re in the US.

Can you? I didn’t think you could since global.

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You probably already know this but you definitely can’t use straight cash. Stuffing dollar bills into the charging hole will only leave you with a broken device 😜


Beyond the topic of the topic, buying individual aircraft/regions is not possible.

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I was just givin examples thoooo ik that

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This is country and store specific. You can find more information on the respective store websites.



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hey, do you what severs there are?

In Infinite Flight, there are three servers. They are the casual (no ATC, playground), training (ATC, somewhat professional), and expert (qualified ATC, professional environment). Does that answer your question?

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ahh yess thank you!
God Bless You!


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