What are the odds? A real-world "spotting" coincidence!

So, something quite fantastic happened today. Read through to the end.

@Helicopterzzz - someone I’ve never met/known before - was at my home base (KVNY) today and snapped this wonderful picture of the aircraft I usually fly - N75274, a Piper Cherokee.

He found the same aircraft on IF’s Instagram, which has my post/picture along with it, and asked about it in the community…

I saw the topic and messaged him about it, and found out that at the time he took the picture, my mom (who’s a student pilot) was flying the plane with an instructor, and I was chilling in the back seat of the plane.

What. Are. The. Odds.

(PS: I showed the pic to my mom and she was absolutely thrilled.)

(PPS: Please let me know if this belongs in another topic!)


Sorry guys it was with my phone. I have a memory card from a past camera and will get that photo later


I’m still absolutely amazed and still getting over this coincidence. The quality of the pic too is pretty good though!!

I was plane spotting

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Haha - no he didn’t fly it - he just happened to be there planespotting and captured my mom landing it (and me in the back)

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Oh he spotted the aircraft! My bad :(

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No worries

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Wow, this is soo cool!

I guess it is a small world after all!

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As small as the earth from an F-22 at 100,000 feet on an iPad!

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Absolutley! 😂😂

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Pretty cool

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