What are the new features in v24.1?

Everyone knows about the flight resume, but are there any minor features I missed?

You can read the blog to find all the features that came in 24.1

There are 12 new liveries, most notably the Spirit a320 and AirEuropa 737-800, and many ATC improvements for both controllers and pilots, as well as new 3D airports being added

Low visibility at night!!


Hello @CyberHugh13371,

you should read the Blog post that @Butter575 attached for a detailed overview with all the features. To sum it up,

  • 12 new liveries

  • 156 airports updated

  • Flight Resume

  • Drag & Taxi

What is drag taxi?

Just checked that out…and that was already there, I mean unexistent during night…

It changed for me…before at night low visibility used to show clear…it would only apply when flying day,sunset or sunrise…

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Turn the time to complete darkness, around 17:00-19:00hrs… unexistent as it was before, that right there, was before!

You’re right 🥲🥲
Goes back to clear…

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Can you show me drag&taxi on the Training Server?

Well, that answers my question. I didn’t want this topic to lead to an unnecessary discussion.